Game 83: Tigers at Athletics

PREGAME Interleague play is done. The DH is back, and no more pulling an effective pitcher after 5 innings for a pinch hitter. The Tigers return to Oakland for the second time this season. The first was pretty memorable in that it came on the heels of Jim Leyland ripping into his team after a lackluster effort against Cleveland. The series wrap-up also came was accomplished in dramatic come from behind fashion.

The middle game of that series featured an 11-4 drubbing. The starter in that game was Joe Blanton who the Tigers will face tonight. Placido Polanco went off for 4 hits and Carlos Guillen added 3.

The Tigers will send out Nate Robertson and his AL 5th best ERA.

: Not a bad effort, just a bad result. The Tigers got hits, but just not all strung together. Nate pitched okay, but for some reason couldn’t get the ball over to Jason Kendall. Also, he never got that strike on the inside corner to right handers that Joe Blanton struck Magglio Ordonez out on.

Two key situations where the Tigers failed came to mind. The first was in the first inning when with runners on 1st and 3rd, Ordonez hit a broken bat double play ball, thus circumventing a possible big inning. The second was one inning later, when with runners again at the corner, Brandon Inge swings at a 3-0 pitch and pops it up. I’m not opposed to swining 3-0, but make it count.

5 thoughts on “Game 83: Tigers at Athletics”

  1. I have a question. The White Sox lost again today, and we are 3 games ahead of them. With a chance to go 3 1/2 tonight with a win, I was wondering if anyone knows the Tigers biggest lead in the Division and when it occured.

  2. Stevie Y retires. Big Ben signs a deal with the hated Bulls. I’m depressed and I was hoping the Tigers could deliver a late night tonic for Detroit sports fans. No such luck.

  3. Joey C. I feel your pain on Steve Y, but he was ready. I think he will make a great front office executive. Steve was and is a consumite professional. All of us would like our kids who play to have the same approach to hockey and life that Steve does.

    Hey maybe the Lions will win 8 games this year and everyone will feel better, just kidding.

  4. Well, this was the disappointing effort many Tigers fans were afraid of after the debacle (despite taking 2 of 3) in Pittsburgh. Once again, the Tigers struggled with men in scoring position (1 for 11) just like when they lost to Pittsburgh.

    It had to be tough playing into the late afternoon on Sunday and then flying out to Oakland and losing 3 hours with the different time zone.

    The Tigers not taking walks is really beginning to bother me. They had 4 strikouts and 0 walks last night. Oakland had 5 walks and only 3 strikeouts. For the record, the Tigers are 4th in the Majors with 609 SOs and only 225 walks (good for 28th place). The top 2 teams in baseball as far as walks go? Red Sox (347 walks, 489 SOs) and Yankees (339 walks, 488 SOs).

    At least the White Sox kept pace with us and lost.

  5. Taking walks is overrated. Now, getting clutch hits, or hits with runners on, that should get better. I was worried about this game, especially after an emotionally draining series like the Pirates one. They could have made it an easy 3 game sweep, or easy 2 out of 3, but they just didn’t make it that way. Look at the pitchers lined up though, I have confidence. I like Nate, but he is the only one that makes me worry a bit. It is an odd schedule though.

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