Holiday Weekend Catch-up

I enjoyed a couple of days on Lake Huron, away from an internet connection and Fox Sports Detroit. You probably noticed there were no minor league wraps, and the game posts were pretty vanilla with no post game analysis. Fortunately there is a great group of commentors here and the community kept the site interesting (this is normally the case). So thanks for picking me up this weekend. With that, my thoughts on the Pirates series and the All Star selections

The Pirates Series

Focus? Fatigue? Luck? In any case the Tigers probably played their worst series since the 4 games against the Yankees. Fortunately, I guess, I didn’t see Sunday’s game. But from all accounts the late innings were a continutation of the previous night. So the Tigers managed 2 one-run victories and were on the losing end of a blow-out to the worst team in the National League. Definitely not good times.

But…The Tigers still took the series. The Tigers still have the best record in baseball. We’re complaining about the way they are winning games. It is a wonderful luxury. Plus they got fine outings from Jeremy Bonderman and Zach Miner. Plus Chris Shelton is showing signs of life as he went 5 for 10 with 2 walks and two homers. Plus in these 2 one-run victories, they had built up big leads and were trying to hold off the other team. I like that way better than having to come from behind.

So it was an ugly series, but complaining about taking 2 of 3 is still a pretty good deal.

The All Stars

I was stunned to see Pudge Rodriguez slide past Jason Varitek as the starter. I know that Joe Mauer is by far the best catcher this year, but with the Twins being a non-entity until the last month, Mauer didn’t have a lot of time to build cachet.

Also, I’m not surprised to see that Kenny Rogers made the team and I’m happy for him. All 4 of the Tiger starters were worthy and Jeremy Bonderman’s June was every bit as good as Liriano’s. That’s why I’m happy to see that Justin Verlander still has a shot. While I’d like to see him get rest, I’d much rather see him make the team. I’m with Eddie and I encourage you to rock the Verlander vote.

And for those that thought Magglio Ordonez deserved to go, one could certainly make a case for him. But I don’t think his slighting is near the magnitude of Travis Hafner’s. Furthermore, Danny Knobler reports that Maggs is the first alternate in the event an AL outfielder is unable to perform his All Star duties.

One minor league tidbit

Jon Connolly was promoted to Erie and made his first start yesterday. His first 5 innings were scoreless and he was touched for one run in the 6th. He started the 7th, but didn’t record an out and was charged with 5 more runs.