News and Links and Such

Stuff of note from the last couple days:

  • The Daily Fungo did an interview with Lynn Henning. It is available as a podcast.
  • There’s a new Tiger blog called Tigers Thoughts. It is written by a couple of very guys who are very knowledgable about the Tigers system (and occasional commentors here) and their early posts focus on Colby Lewis, Humberto Sanchez, and the lack of position players. Bookmark this site.
  • The Tigers continue to add to their research and development team. They’ve been infusing the scouting ranks over the last 18 months. Earlier they let long time Latin America coordinator Ramon Pena go. Now they have hired Ramon Perez to head the efforts in the Dominican Republic. He’s done similar work for the Astros and Dodgers since 1985.

    Where Ramon Pena was pretty much responsible for all of Latin America, the Tigers now have specific people assigned to DR and Venezuela along with a director of International scouting.

  • Humberto Sanchez and Cameron Maybin will be participating in the Future’s Game on All Star Sunday. This will be a great chance for Tiger fans to see two of the top (and really probably the top two) prospects in the Tigers system.