Jamie Walker’s Option Exercised

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the Tigers exercised Jamie Walker’s $1.25 million option for 2006. This move was pretty much a no-brainer as Walker is an above average LOOGY at an affordable price. According to Baseball Prospectus, Walker saved 3 runs above average in 2005. While 2005 was probably Walker’s weakest of his 3 with the Tigers, he is still a solid option in the bullpen. This should be good news for the Walker family as they moved to the metro Detroit area this year.

17 thoughts on “Jamie Walker’s Option Exercised”

  1. Another lefty who throws 85 and gets outs. He’d be a better closer than Percival (before he got hurt). Hopefully Rodney will be better.

  2. This is good news but not surprising news. Walker seems to receive a lot of criticism on message boards but he has been a pretty steady reliever for the Tigers.

  3. His ERA+ was still 116 last season, which is ok in my book. He’s been the Tigers reliever that’s worried me the least over the last 4 years so I’m glad to see him back. How can you not like this tobacco-chewin’ good old boy?

  4. Of course, I just hope he improves his K9 and BB9 because they both took a pretty big hit this past year.

  5. This is fantastic for Tiger fans, if for no other reason than the “pie-in-the-face” factor. I love those post-game interviews that he ruins!

  6. I guess the Padres would rather have Vinny Castilla than Sean Burroughs. Go figure. Burroughs would be a nice fit here. LH, could platoon w/Inge or take 3B full time. Good fielder, could play some OF or 2B. The knock on him is his .360 SLG, but he has OBP skills and he’s still only 25. Looks like he could be had. Get him.

  7. That Castilla trade was horrible. As is the list of free-agent starters available. I’d like to see the Tigers go after Kevin Millwood and Jarrod Washburn. Burnett will be too expensive (even before the ‘Tiger Premium’), and I think he’s a risk. Any thoughts?

  8. Millwood had a great year but he’s had significant shoulder problems in the past. I’ve seen Washburn pitch a lot and I don’t really understand how he gets guys out. He’s really only got a fastball, which he does move around and change speeds. No real breaking pitch and no change. But he has been pretty effective and he is a tough SOB. He wants the ball. He’d be a step up from Maroth and/or Robertson, but not a huge step. I’d like to see them go after BJ Ryan (or Farnsworth). He’d really solidify the pen. Burnett would be great but he’s going to cost a fortune and if the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, etc decide they are interested Detroit won’t get him. He’s a better bet than Pavano was last winter.

    The one free agent I would really like to see a play made for is Brian Giles. He is the perfect high OBP/good power LH bat they need. Put him in LF and make Monroe the 4th OF/DH and you have dramatically improved the lineup and the bench.

  9. Yeah I heard that platoon business too, but Towers made some comments about Burroughs not fitting into their plans. I’d be surprised if SD doesn’t move him.

  10. We have no shot at BJ Ryan. Anyway, we already paid big bucks for a star closer. We’re fin- oops. Never mind. You were right about Burroughs- just read Towers saying that they don’t have a lot of leverage in a trade now cause everyone knows he’s gone. Could be a good fit for Comerica, if he sprays the ball around and hits #2.

    I really think Burnett’s an injury risk. Totally agee with you on Brian Giles .

  11. Burroughs is interesting, and as you mentioned Tim he’s still young. As for Giles, I like what he brings but I’m leary as he’s another older player – and the Tigers will have to pay for his performance the last few years, and will be getting decling performance going forward. That said, he is an OBA machine and even if he loses 30 points off his average he’s still be a 370-380 OBA. If they can get him for a contract that’s 3 years or less I’d be receptive to that.

  12. I would love to see Giles come to the Tigers but I agree I wouldn’t go more than three years. The Tigers would probably have to offer him more than that though and they are already digging a hole for themselves with older players on long term deals.

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