Hernandez Completes Coaching Staff

The Tigers announced today that Chuck Hernandez will be the team’s new pitching coach. Hernandez had the same position with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for the last two seasons. However, outside of Scott Kazmir he hasn’t had much talent to work with.

I don’t know much about Hernandez, so I tried to find some information about his philosophies or styles – and I didn’t come up with much. Here is what I found:

Relating to pitchers: (link)

“He’s a hands-off guy,” Holtz said. “If a guy is having a tough time, he adds levity. He doesn’t keep the same approach with every player. He treats everyone individually. He’s somebody who likes to get to know the pitchers. He keeps things fun and I like that approach. He loosens guys up. He doesn’t like to mess with guys who are pitching well.”

On Pitching to top hitters: (link)

“You have to constantly change your recipe and try to slow down the great hitters,” Hernandez says. “You can’t give him the same menu every day.”

And that’s about all I found. He’s held the position of minor league pitching coordinator, and his staff in Tampa was very young so he should be comfortable working with kids. In any case it will be interesting to see the direction that the major league staff, as well as the minor league pitchers take.

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  1. In the Tampa paper, McClung and Kazmir both seemed sad to see him go. They said he was able to help them relax and concentrate. FWIW….

  2. I am so glad we are raiding the TAMPA BAY DEVIL RAYS! League rank : 29th Tampa Bay pitching –

    162 1421.2 67 95 1.54 1.54 6.01 .280 .810 5.39 (from ESPN) Detroit was 21st.

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