Tiger Tales and more

There is a new addition to the Tiger blogosphere. Tiger Tales is written by Lee Panas, who if you spend time on various Tiger message boards you’ll recognize as Tiger337. I only know Lee from his comments on Motown Sports, but I find myself agreeing with him more often than not. So if you enjoy my site I’m sure you’ll enjoy his. Expect the site to be loaded with analysis. In only his first week he’s done some extensive work with runs created.

Quick Hits
-Continuing to highlight my Tiger blogging brethren, check out the artsy baseball pictures that Sam has posted on Blue Cats and Red Sox. I have a hard time appreciating art in general, but I have no problem enjoying this.

-Several people have emailed me about the Ugueth Urbina machete incident. If you’re interested in some more information, Phillies Nation has a pretty good collection of links covering the situation. As for my take, whether or not any of this is true doesn’t change my opinion that Ugie probably isn’t right in the head. On another note, what can possibly happen next to make the Polanco trade appear even better. First the Tigers get a productive player -who appears to be a stand-up citizen and teammate. Then he practically begs to sign an extension here. And then Urbina goes nuts. Short of Polanco cloning himself, and his body double playing for free, I don’t think this can trade can look any better.