Tails from the web

I’ll have to pick up my Replacements column tomorow. Work is getting in the way. However, here are a couple of Tiger items from around the web…

Cranking the Win Shares

The Baseball Crank has calculated Established Win Share Levels for the AL Central. The Tigers rank 4th in the AL Central in EWSL. The Crank has this to say…

The Tigers, like an undersea mountain, look like they are about to peak without ever breaking sea level. This should be around a .500 team, especially if Bonderman has the big breakout season a lot of people are expecting from him. They’re also reportedly trying to deal Urbina for something of more immediate use than a second closer.

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels has finished his top 20 prospect lists. Unfortunately, the Tigers cupboard is more than bare and they rank only better than the Nationals.


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