So what is this subscribe I speak of? You can be notified anytime there is new content on DTW by subscribing to the RSS feed. If you subscribe to a magazine, new issues get delivered to your house. If you subscribe to the RSS feed of this site, you get new posts delivered to you as soon as they happen. The beauty of this is that in stead of having to periodically check a bunch of websites for new information, you can subscribe to a bunch of websites and check them all in one place at one time. To get in on this you need one of two things, either a feedreader or an email account.

A feedreader is can be a website or a desktop application that houses all of your subscriptions. I prefer Google Reader, but that’s just me. There are links for several popular feedreaders below. Also, if you have a personalized Google or Yahoo home page, that can be your feed reader as well.

If this is kind of confusing, don’t worry. You can sign up to have new content sent via email as well. The only downside to the email route is that content isn’t sent “as it happens” and instead you’ll receive an email each morning with all the new content that has appeared since the previous email. You won’t miss anything, it just won’t be as timely. The form is farther down the page.

Below are links to subscribe via some of the more common readers.
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Add to Google

Add to My AOL

Subscribe in NewsGator Online

Subscribe in Bloglines

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Please note that I will have access to your email address. I won’t sell it and I won’t use it to spam you. It will only be used for matters specifically related to your subscription to the site.

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