Game 2017.128: Tigers at White Sox

Nick Castellanos is out until he comes up with a better nickname (Nick?). Also, he has a sore wrist from the Yankee scuffle.

We were wondering why in the world Brad would bring in Jimenez in a crucial spot. Apparently this is going to be a thing. Jason Beck tweets “Joe Jimenez will spend this stretch run pitching in tight situations, learning on the job, according to Brad Ausmus.” OK then.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Bootsie 2B
  2. Mongli, 3B
  3. J-Up, LF
  4. Miggy 1B
  5. Night Hawk, CF
  6. Papicho, DH
  7. McCannon, C
  8. Robomb, RF
  9. Candelita, SS

Pitching:  George vs Carlos Rodon