Game 2017.39: Orioles at Tigers

Last night was a good win, dedicated to every fan who has ever said a player was “due,” because if anyone was due, it was Tyler “Fingers” Collins.

Miggy has an oblique strain, and will probably be out the rest of the home stand, but is not expected to end up on the DL.

JZ, we have our eyes on you today, you have been underwhelming us.

Today’s Lineup:

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  3. JD Martinez RF
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Tyler Collins, CF
  8. Andrew Romine, 1B
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

Pitching: Jordan Zimmermann vs Dylan Bundy

21 thoughts on “Game 2017.39: Orioles at Tigers”

  1. Blaine Hardy is a perfect example of the difference between AAA and MLB. At Toledo he is like the Cy Young of relief pitchers.. No one hits him.. He comes up to the bigs.. BB.. Home run.. BB.. Home Run… Average at best

  2. We had to go shopping and heard the JD HR on radio. Zimm still not earning his keep but had a spell n which he looked good.

  3. J Willie 1.65
    A Willie 1.50
    sGreene solid all year. Now I ask all of you does any team have more than 3 really solid receivers????

  4. another good win against a good team…and bullpen showing some progress…though DET has to find another left-handed option other than Hardy

    …might be time (or long past due time) to cut their losses w/KRod and Sanchez and bring up some young arms for their shot…or DFA both of them, bring up a pitcher and another bat…

    1. Blaine Hardy, for me, is one of those favorites I’ve had to give up on. He had an amazing curve when he first came on the scene, and maybe he still does, but the performance trajectory has been down ever since. I expected him to be displaced by Kyle Ryan, but Ryan has apparently fallen off the table.

  5. Could we have been wrong about Alex Avila?? Nah, no way! Coleman, Loon, Jud, me WRONG? Never Happen!

    1. Oh, I was totally wrong about Alex Avila the hitter. Didn’t see it coming. Great to be wrong. Seems like he’s been with Detroit 20 years. Easy to forget that he’s just entering his prime. Will it last? Will he get his old job back? Is he the first baseman of the future, or the handy dandy C-1B of the Miggy DH years? So far so good.

      1. My theory is now that he is not catching he can stay healthier ( no TBI’s) and focus on his plate appearances. And, if Loon is wrong, I don’t want to be right….

        1. He’s gotta catch this season, though, Jim. I don’t really get why he hasn’t caught more often, given McCann’s tremendous struggles vs. RHP. He is really raking as a hitter when he *does* catch. There’s never been a more blatant platoon setup than is going on here, and McCann is on the short end of that stick.

          1. I am with Loon. It’s good to be wrong. And I can back that up with many examples. But back to Alex. Amazing turn around. To borrow a catch phrase we all hate. “that’s baseball”…maybe the desperation of how many more chances do you think you will get, better known as the “Jason Grilli Theory ” is at work here. All I know for sure is he has done it, period!!!

  6. Hey Coleman – I didn’t really get what you were saying about the CBA and tax implications relative to What to Do About Sanchie. Please explain. Speak slowly.

    1. The fact that the Angels just signed Doug Fister does give me some hope that a team in need would pay at least a small portion of Sanchez’s salary. Another way to defray the cost would be to allow other teams to bid on whether Detroit starts Sanchez *against* them. The better strategy, perhaps.

    2. The luxury tax threshold was raised less than expected (from 189 million to 195). The Tigers came in at 215 million last season. The tax on the amount over the threshold is now 20% for the first year, 30% for the 2nd, and 50% for the 3rd, which puts the Tigers in dangerous territory for next season. In addition to facing a 30% tax this season, there is another 12% tax if they exceed the threshold by more than 20 million, although there is confusing language about when that 12% part gets paid.

      The last I saw the Tigers payroll was around 212 million, which puts them close to the 20 million over the threshold limit. So let’s say that the Tigers decided to cut Anibal Sanchez and eat his 16.8 million salary, and got some bottom of the barrel 2 million dollar pitcher as a replacement. That roster spot would cost them Anibal’s 16.8 million salary, plus the new pitcher’s 2 million dollar salary, plus a 30% tax on that 2 million salary (600,000), plus probably another 12% tax (240,000), meaning Anibal’s spot on the roster would be costing them 19.64 million, and in effect they would be paying 2,840,00 for a 2,000,000 guy. (The numbers would be pro-rated of course). That probably wouldn’t have bothered Mr. I., but I think things are different now.

  7. Thanks Coleman for that info. You are way smarter than me!. Let me put the Sanchez deal in another perspective….. He sucks.. $$$$$ too much to pay for no return.

  8. Here’s what I got out all of the above before my mind exploded:

    No matter what Mr. I is gone. Perhaps to honor his memory CI will ignore the tax and do whatever is necessary to win the big one for him. I think the chances of Sanchez winning 20 games is about the same. CI will try to get the bottom line to look good so he can sell the club when he’s ready. Biggest obstacle will be not money but (my opinion) Marian I. While she can she’ll hold on since the Tigers were a big part of Mike’s legacy.

    I see the reality as follows: The Tigers have too many issues to make them a legitimate this year or next. Even our starting pitching is not grade A. The pen is what it’s been for a long time, at best average. To make things worse, our offense is questionable. When your best hitters (BA) aside from JD who just returned are Alex Avila and two kids who are in Toledo, that’s a problem. When our top slugging guys are the same, that’s a problem. When our “best” hitter Miggy is out for the 2nd tome this year, that’s a big deal.

    While JD has started the year hot (and I think he’ll continue to excel) he is a free agent at the end of the year. No matter what he will accept for a contract it would increase our luxury tax in a big way. I do not think CI will allow that. I see JD leaving at the trade deadline. Since the division is so bad, CI may hold on to try to win the division, that means we get nothing for JD if we don’t sign him. Fact is even if we win the Central we would probably would not advance past the first round. Another loss could be Iggy who goes to arbitration this year. Personally I don’t think Dixon Machado can fill his shoes, but as they say money talks and BS walks.

    The other bad news is that if it goes as I predict, Brad and his staff might be here for another two years. There is no point in hiring a top notch manager if the team is so-so. That is what I see the path forward looks like for the Tigers. Not good but fans do stick by their teams not matter what so I’ll still be pulling for them.

    1. Can’t strongly disagree with any of this, Tony, and yet I remain optimistic beyond normal “hope for the best and stick with your team” fan optimism.

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