Game 2015.105: Tigers at Orioles

I made the mistake of looking at the standings this morning. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Daniel Norris gets the start today, and if he somehow throws a no-hitter, we still won’t be in the playoff hunt. So let’s all temper our enthusiasm and expectations. It’s going to be a real crummy last 57 games, but this may be that excuse you’ve been looking for to get caught up on a few TV shows. May be easier for Coleman and I to just put up one post per series. I still like checking in on what everyone is saying, but it’s hard to commit time each day to a team who looks like it doesn’t care as much as I do.

Anyway, here are some good links on Norris. One of the contributors on Bless You Boys wrote a piece about knowing Daniel Norris personally, and another broke down the three Blue Jays prospects. Fangraphs posted scouting reports on Norris, Labourt, and Boyd, as well as projected WAR through age 28.

George Sipple used the influx of players as a reason to update his list of the organization’s top 15 prospects. You can peruse it here. It’s not pretty. Especially when people are starting to wonder if Steven Moya, our #2 prospect, has peaked.

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  1. The games are more relaxing to watch…no expectations of where we stand. I have actually kind of enjoyed this series. Score a little, pitch a little…Wilson out of the pen….its ok

    1. I agree Jud…the roller-coaster has slowed-down and leveled out…no matter what transpires in these last 57 games

      1. Guys – I was just logging on to say the same thing. It’s a beautiful game. I had kind of lost sight of that in light of all the expectations.

        Avila is such a a smart player. I’m gonna try to take a deeper look at why he can’t hit a lick anymore.

          1. Last year Avila was .400 when he attacked the first pitch/ or strike… he NEVER swings at the first strike….Hellloooooo!..even his swing is SAD!!! him swing and miss and as he strolls away from the plate, complete Deer in headlights look!…his entire At bat is defensive…no aggression what so ever…your welcome Wally!

            1. Didn’t Avila once declare that he doesn’t swing at pitches out of the strike zone? Maybe arrogance is part of the problem.

  2. Victor took extra BP…well BP isn’t the problem. Here is 75% of his problem…Jiminez threw him 6 consecutive balls…results ground out to walk…swing swing swing….basic problem with almost all the Tigs except Avila who can’t hit strikes even.

  3. I think there is something wrong with the boxscore. It says Norris has only thrown 79 pitches through 7.

    1. Norris indicated that he is like Price in that he does not use a waste pitch. Its 1-2-3…he also said he just changes to a 2 seam FB at 0-2 for more movement. Just throwing strikes is kind of a novel idea for the nibble nibble Tigers. Game is still under 3 hours also..another novel idea

  4. You must remember, Norris is not a college grad and we must save him from himself. 84 pitches, 4 hits, 1 run in 7 1/3 innings. He could hurt himself. At the very least he should have been allowed another base runner. Think of what a complete game would have meant for him. I’m sure Alex Wilson will be ok, but WHY, WHY, WHY!

  5. Another nice job for Alex Wilson!

    Let’s also give a well done for Alex Avila playing first. He made several nice plays. I really wish he could figure out the hitting part.

      1. Avila is frustrating at the plate, but there’s room on this roster for a smart C who can play 1B in a pinch. With JD, Victor, Kinsler and Cabrera, they can carry a mendoza player at a high defense position. We’re blessed to have the best defensive SS in the league who may hit .300 every now and again.

        1. I think in the official “stats” of the DWB we have always used the .199/200 line as the Mendosa line…right or wrong…

  6. Larry Parrish announced that he is retiring at the end of this season, so the Toledo Mud Hens will need a new manager. I know someone who would be great for the job. He is very smart–an Ivy League guy!

  7. Before long everyone will start calling Norris “the Bird”…in honor of the original “flaky” Mark Fidrich

      1. He doesn’t really have a fixed position, I would guess they leave him where he is and work on his outfield skills.


    if DD is coming back, i expect him to retain Ausmus – though a fairly strong argument (namely ROI and ‘results’ ) could be made for DET to find a new Mgr for next year. DD likes the JL-style of mgr, and Ausmus fits that bill.

    for the record, i’m not buying excuse that injuries were the prime cause for the under-achieving this year – because every team has dealt with injuries, and many of the contending teams have dealt with more than DET

    1. Id DD comes back so does Ausmus…They have all kinds of excuses for why this year went as it did….and none of the excuses will be Ausmus sucks. Norman is right DD likes the Capt Smarty Sr and Jr style….I can go along with some of his Leylandisms….The part I can’t take is his decision making in close games, and his l brutal handling of the pitching staff. Maybe he would be great with the Kansas City pen….but then anyone could manage them!

  9. Wow!!!!!…DD….fired!!!!!!!! Al Avila new GM….Daddys boy will move to the 4 spot in the batting order….this just became a circus…..totally!!!

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