David Price Traded (and other deals)

It’s not confirmed, but it looks like the Tigers are getting Daniel Norris and Anthony Alford. Norris is a flat out stud.

Here is the Freep story.

We’ll keep this thread open for deadline deal talk.




21 thoughts on “David Price Traded (and other deals)”

  1. No Alford in the deal unfortunately. It’s Norris, Matt Boyd (who’s been getting shelled), and a 21 year old from the Dominican named Jairo Labourt. 3 pitchers for 1/3 year of one, I’ll take it.

      1. Price has been a great pitcher for DET, but trading him is a good business decision – faced w/the prospect of him signing with another team at the end of this season.

        Norris seems legit, but w/young pitchers anything can happen… if one or more of these ‘prospects’ pan out, it good trade.

        1. yes. absolutely had to make this trade. interesting to see what they can get for Cespedes and Soria.

    1. I think Jairo Loubert could turn out to be a Jair Jurrjens. Based on nothing but his name.

  2. We just lost our best pitcher. It was inevitable since I cold not imagine David staying with Detroit next year, especially with the same manager. I wish him well. Aside from his ability, David was a real team guy. Even during this debacle, he led the cheering even when he wasn’t on the mound. He brought more than his arm to Detroit. DD did the best he could given the circumstances. It will be interesting to see what else he can do. One thing for sure, he needs to replace the manager quickly to clear the air. Leyland, if he agrees, could be an interim manager until a more suitable candidate becomes available. Maybe he can find someone with a Doctorate from Harvard this time!

  3. Pretty huge pull if all we’re sending to the Jays is Price.

    So who’s next on the block? Cespedes? Soria? Avila? AUSMUS??? Oh, please let it be Ausmus.

  4. How about the Jays though, adding Price AND Tulowitzki at the deadline. Can’t think of the last time a team added 2 guys of that caliber.

  5. Signs point to Ausmus staying–that new prospect Nortis they just got? He’s Brad’s cousin.

  6. So who’s pitching Sunday? Is Sad Shane back in the rotation, or will Brad give Alex Wilson a try? Or?

  7. Just keep stock piling those prospects. Maybe the Little Ceasers Slow Pitch team will take Avila And Ausmus!!!….We can only hope!!!

    1. Thanks for the link. This guy is weird! So was I, grew up in Bronx, didn’t do drugs, married at 18, joined the Army, didn’t leave when we ended up with 6 kids, and after 55 years still love my wife! Now you may not think I was so weird, but I assure you that among my circle of friends, I was different. We are all different in one respect or another. As long as he obeys the law and has the ability to win, in spite of our manager and relief pitchers, that’s all I care about.

  8. It’s official. Labourt to Lakeland, Boyd to Toledo, and Norris joins the Tigers and takes Price’s start on Sunday.

  9. Dan just interviewed Price on the pre-game. Sounded pretty sad and sincere. What a good guy.

  10. Jacoby Jones, the #10 prospect. He’s a SS, and is 22. I wonder if they are going to flip him, or try to move him to the OF.

      1. In retrospect, the gambles that didn’t pay off were the extravagant signing of Victor Martinez and expecting Justin Verlander to be Max Scherzer. There’s your sell-off, there’s your lost season.

        One side of me says that it’s going to be a long, long road back to respectability for the Detroit Tigers, under new management and ownership. A bearable stretch run has been traded for a box of rocks.

        Another side of me says that if you can’t post a winning record with the likes of David Price, Yoenis Cespedes, and Joakim Soria all having excellent seasons, what’s the difference?

  11. No takes for daddys boy….perhaps trying for a tub of sunflower seeds is too much….maybe go for the pail of double bubble!!!…come on DD make someone take him!!!!!!!

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