Game 2015.74: White Sox at Tigers

Last night’s loss was a frustrating and disappointing one, and and there seem to be some holes wearing through the team unity fabric. Alfredo Simon reacted angrily when Rajai Davis missed the long fly to deep center, and I’d be shocked if what he shouted after didn’t contain some sort of profanity. After the game Simon mentioned Davis’ “bad jump” at least four times. Rajai, meet bus.

Ian Kinsler decided to take issue with the fans. From the Free Press: “When told that fans can’t figure out the team’s uneven performance, he said: “They’re entitled to their opinion. If they want to root for someone else they think is more consistent, that is fine.”

And it turns out that the dreadful Castellanos attempt to go home on contact wasn’t an “on contact” play at all: “Nick wasn’t supposed to go. We were holding,” Ausmus said. “I just talked to him, to make sure that everyone was on the same page. I think he thought he could beat it because it was a slower hit grounder.”

I guess add last night’s game to the list of games where they found a way to lose. What made it so frustrating was that they kept putting themselves in position to win.

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH
  5. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  6. JD Martinez, RF
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Bryan Holaday, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

29 thoughts on “Game 2015.74: White Sox at Tigers”

  1. Coleman…the picture…is that NC and JD celebrating today’s SCOTUS decision? …sorry, i couldn’t resist

    as for NC’s running through a hold signal and Ausmus “talking to him about it”- sorry, but that’s bush league, and Romine should be starting at 3B today

    1. It’s too bad, Nick spoiled his own great day. What puzzles me is how such a horrible base runner has managed four triples this season.

  2. He thought he could beat it out!!!!What!!!!…he’d be lucky if he scores on a ball off the wall. NICK there are about 625 MLB players…you are rated #625 as a base runner!. Doesn’t that tell you anything???

  3. Very nice to see Ausmus working with Kinsler earlier today. And a positive 1st AB for Ian. If he goes 5 for 5 today, what will we all think?

  4. Here’s a Q: Slo-mo replay showed that Garcia was tagged out when he jumped up off the bag at 2nd. Iggy had to know that he had his glove on the runner when he was in the air, so why doesn’t he signal to Tigers’ bench, that they should challenge?

  5. Scherzer has another no-no going through five against the lowly Phils. This has to be one of the best three-game stretches for a pitcher in history.

    edit: spoke too soon. Galvis doubled in the 6th.

  6. Well that settles that from yesterday…Victor on first Cespedes hits one in the gap…Victor motors around and scores easily……that makes Ausmus -3 now from yesterday!

  7. leadoff single, best bunter on the team hits next – swings away and flies out, next guy up GIDP… end of inning, repeat…

  8. What does it take to be hired as a major league manager? I USED to think it was the fact that you know how to think in these late-inning situations, to help your team win —–or AT LEAST not help them lose.
    But then Leyland and his sidekick Ausmus came along……

      1. Oh, yeah.
        And NC = 2 for 4. Did Brad work with him too? What’s going on here? Tigers starting to look like Tigers again!

  9. every Tiger has a hit today, Cabrera 3 doubles…

    Rondon – i could get used to a DET relief pitcher throwing 3 up 3 down innings…

      1. i think the guy (JD) really works at it, and is a student of the game… MLB Network interviewed him the day after his 3 HR game… humble, well-spoken guy… he gets it. Gotta pull for a guy like that.

      2. JD is the only guy I have ever seen in MLB who sits in the dugout taking notes. My hat’s off to a guy like that, even if he doesn’t tee-off with Cabrera-like shots into the seats!

        1. My favorite thing is after a home run, he gives a few high fives and then straight to the notebook. No time for self-congratulation–got some notes to take!

    1. Yeah, I would have let Rondon come in for the 9th too. But that’s old-fashioned; nobody thinks like that anymore, riding the hot hand ’til he shows he’s tired. Now it’s “7th inning guy, set-up guy, closer”, so you just can’t do that anymore.
      But, at least it worked out all right this time.
      Team’s overall mood looked better than it’s looked in a while. I think Brad might be starting to do his job, working one-on-one with the players who need help. Yes, kudos!

    1. I’m with you all the way on that. Sorry, Joba, but I think you hit your prime some time back. And if Rondon doesn’t fizzle —–wow! Then we got somethin’ goin’ maybe.

  10. Soria channeled his inner Todd Jones, Valverde, Nathan, etc… to ‘close’ that one out

    ‘W’ is a “W” and they need to sweep the weekend… they got the luck of the draw and don’t have to face Sale

  11. I’m primed for a 2-HR game from JD tomorrow…..
    And —-2 or 3 hits each from The Troubled Twosome, Casty and Kinsley —–that would be heavenly, and give me hope again.

      1. Yeah, that’s right —–THAT’s what did it! I don’t think any of us will mind seeing that same pic ’til Oct, if it keeps bringing those results!

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