Game 2014.153: Tigers at Royals

It’s Kansas City again and another three-game “showdown.” I’m not worried about the Royals. I’m worried about the last 4 games of the season.

Pitching. It’s become quite the liability. The next few games might make it look like it’s all better, but then there are 7 more against two teams that can hit Detroit. I’d rather see 10 more against KC, myself.

But it’s September, or Septober, as the case may be, and the Tigers are more than in it. Enjoy the suspense and the possibilities. Every game has that playoff feeling to it already. Not such a bad thing.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Stormin. The key point I picked up in this was that Leyland changed horses (closers) in a middle of stream. I dare say he didn’t do such in a vacumn, rather discussed it with his coaching staff and even the closer losing the job and the closer inheriting the job. Let’s hope Ausmus does similar.

    1. America’s Game Jud….we live for this. Go Tigers! We are behind you!

      Avila out of the line up which is unfortunate as he spanks Vargas’ pitching. Meanwhile Castellanos struggles against Vargas at 0.083. Billy “The Pester” Butler is batting deep in the line up to bother JV.

      1. Big hit for Suarez…Asmus has been doing a good job switching Suarez and Romine around…The hitting is secondary to the fact that we are getting good SS play and a few big hits!

  1. Lets hope now for two things…
    1. JV doesn’t give them right back
    2. Tigs don’t take the rest of the night off

    Great Strart!!!!!!

  2. I don’t know whether JV was pitching around Butler but Infante is hitting .118 against him.

  3. In the last couple years the contending teams have played their way OUT of the playoffs. Lets see what happens with the A’s..Mariners..Royals..Indians……..the pressure to WIN is unreal!

  4. 1 down….2 to go!.JV was totally focused tonight!…not a lot of breaking balls, not a lot of extra speed…but he kept the ball down and on the edges! We have seen him in a long long time!

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