Postgame 10: Padres 5, Tigers 1


Coleman April 13, 2014 at 6:48 pm [edit]

We need to get Kelly back in the lineup. This Cabrera guy is killing us.

Chase Headley was wearing his stone glove again, and that lent a wee bit of excitement to the top of the 9th, but otherwise, if you saw the 4th, you saw the game. Tigers had momentum, Max Scherzer gave it right back.

Scherzer had a better day at the plate than on the mound, and showed that you can strike out 10 and still beat yourself. 105 pitches in 5 innings. A great catch by Rajai Davis in LF spared him from getting rocked completely. Tyson “Tyler” Wood was good, with a lot of help from his defense, and through 10 games, good is all you have to be to handcuff this Tigers lineup, top to bottom.

Good news in a boring game: Davis is getting on base and looking good in LF. Joba Chamberlain continues to pitch well, better than the ugly cumulative numbers show right now. Alex Avila didn’t strike out. (The team is 6-1 when he starts, 0-3 when he doesn’t.)

6 thoughts on “Postgame 10: Padres 5, Tigers 1”

  1. I love how the Tigers after these games talk about each of these no name pitchers that will accomplih very little after the Tigers leave town….these gyys are all shoe in for the Cy Young award aren’t they….

    On the plus side..Davis..Kinsler..Krol…JV..Kelly…Castillanos…Chamberlin…Hunter…Smyly…very good
    On the OK side
    ….Scherzer..Porcello..Sanchez…Jackson…Reed…Puhkonen..Martinez….AlAl…Romine (on D)…are ok
    Miggy..Avila..Holiday..Coke..Gonzalez ..Nathan..Holiday……..Are stealing Mr I’s money!!!!!!!

  2. This business of not being able to beat RH pitchers is the biggest line of crap ever in baseball…last year there was a .002 BA difference..last year ther was a .002 OPS difference…wow ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!…as a player if you can’ t hit RH pitching how in the hell did you get into the Big Leagues….try checkers then it doesn’t matter if you opponent moves his guys with his right hand or his lefy…sheeeeeesh!

    1. Baseball is full of crap. We could easily come up with a list of 100 questionable concepts/questionable strategies/bogus traditions/etc.. I could come up with 100 myself. Great fodder for offseason discussion, if nothing else, but it seems that things have changed in the world as far as discussion goes.

    1. Chicago got it yesterday afternoon/evening, Detroit must have gotten it… I don’t know. Later. Real snow cover that lasted into the day today, cold and windy, no big deal road-wise, just a real mid-April buzzkill here. If Comerica was like it was here this morning as far as ground conditions, I can see giving up on baseball for a day.

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