Game 2014.13: LAA at Det

Tigers made a move today to replenish a worn out bullpen, by bringing up righty Justin Miller from Toledo and sending down Tyler Collins. Since they have 10 games left on this home stand, and Collins has to stay down for 10 days, Miller should get a nice audition before the Tigers have to think about making another move.

1. Kinsler, 2B
2. Hunter, RF
3. Cabrera, 1B
4. Martinez, DH
5. Jackson, CF
6. Kelly, 3B
7. Avila, C
8. Romine, SS
9. Davis, LF

Castellanos gets the day off against the tough righty Weaver.

48 thoughts on “Game 2014.13: LAA at Det”

  1. Our old friend Brennan Boesch will be with the Angels in Detroit this weekend. In 13 games at Salt Lake City he had 20 K’s in 48 AB. Angels must be hard up for runs.

  2. Collins may have to stay down for 10 days, but Miller doesn’t have to stay up for 10 days. I expect there will be some more roster shifting during this homestand, possibly SS, since I can’t imagine Gonzo has much rope left. I don’t imagine they’ll go with a 8-man bullpen for long either, which means bringing back another bench guy. Maybe there is some kind if deal in the works, but if there is it is well below the radar.

  3. Trout v. Cabrera….the series! Ok Friends, I predict that Cabrera awakes from his hitting slump in this series and puts on a nice hitting demo to Mr. Trout. Happy Easter all!

    1. Happy Easter. Trout wins. I’m already wishing this series was behind us.

      Few of us are old enough to remember the last time Detroit beat the Angels. Some say it’s never happened.

  4. Remembering Carlos G. Brings back old memories of the Weaver v. Verlander game one Saturday. Guillen teased Dream Weaver after a homerun that caused him to pitch at the head of the next Tiger (Avila?). Then he had some b-time.

      1. That was good. Was there some history between Guillen and Weaver, that game or before, or did this confrontation just arise during the AB? Anyone remember? I hardly recognized Guillen, myself.

  5. Since we know Weaver’s skin can be gotten under, I’m sending Davis up looking for a bunt single if I’m Ausmus.

  6. Assmus must learn how to manage a bullpen. You cannot let smily & putkonen pitch so little and then expect them to perform. We couldnt get a guy with managerial experience?

    1. I don’t really know what’s going on with Putkonen. Smyly is a tougher situation though–he was scheduled for 2 starts that were cancelled for weather.

  7. Weaver and that hair. Come on. I haven’t see that look since 1975. And it wasn’t all that back then.

  8. Why take Putkonen out??? I’d let him continue with the mop up. It’s not like we have a luxury of arms in the blow pen. I don’t get that move.

    1. Why take Putkonen out after 7 runs in 2 innings? I think I kind of get that move. The move I don’t get was bringing him back for another inning.

  9. Agree w/Bill: can’t pitch Putkonen virtually not at all and expect him to be competitive. Not realistic esp for less experienced player.

    1. Don’t agree. It’s not like Putkonen came out of nowhere and made the team out of High A ball. He spent plenty of time with Detroit last season and can pitch better than that. You can probably pitch better than that.

  10. I don’t tthink its fair that every team gets to pitch Cy Young against them every game..It must be a glitch in the schedule

  11. Man, a base knock by Avila there and we’re right back in it.

    Still got 6 outs to play with.

  12. Phil Coke, a true master that gets the side out in 11 pitches! Our starters could learn something from Phil.

    1. Only Tiger without a hit, I think. He did have another “2014 Big Blast,” though, the grounder to SS for the RBI. Woo-hoo.

  13. Putkonen 7, Tigers 6, Angels 4.

    Now I see why Luke hasn’t been pitching. He stinks. That explains it.

    I tried to pay attention to how Justin Miller was pitching, but I kept falling asleep in the 25 seconds between pitches.

    Smyly, no command. I’m trying to remember the last good start by a Tiger. You know, the kind with less than 20-30 pitches per inning.

  14. The bats came alive big time for one inning. I know Avila started it all with the double, but I was still disappointed when he grounded out to 2B on the first pitch, men on 2nd and 3rd, to end the big inning. I was actually starting to hope. Even had some hope in the 9th. So I guess it wasn’t all bad.

  15. The Tigers are currently the worst defensive team in the AL. The only other team that comes close is – you saw it, you guessed it – the Cleveland Indians.

    There have only been 15 RF putout chances in 2014. Lots of LHB faced and lots of hits to RF.

    Team batting line with score tied: 165/227/303/530. Underscores the woes v. opposing starters. Jackson, Hunter, and Cabrera are a combined 3 for 37 when the score is tied.

    Tigers pitching is 2nd in the AL in a number of good categories: Strike %, Strikes Put In Play % (less is good), and 0-2 counts. Oddly, they are decidedly at the bottom in Strikeout Looking %. No surprise that they lead the AL in Strikes Fouled Off %. It is a surprise that they aren’t much above league average in Pitches/PA.

    Anibal Sanchez leads the AL in Pitches/PA. Max Scherzer joins him in the top 10.

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