Game 2013.151: Mariners at Tigers

87-63, x games up on whoever. (Actually 6 games up on Cleveland…. with 12 left to play.) Can the Tigers make it to the elusive 25 over mark? Might they actually be able to sneak into home field advantage for the ALCS or ALDS, by and by? Stay tuned.

Last night: Detroit 4, Seattle 2. It took 3 innings before Porcello found his A-game, and nearly 3 more before the Tigers really got to Joe Saunders (Joe Saunders!), but in the end, nearly everyone chipped in a bit, with Martinez, Hunter, and Infante deserving special mention. Porcello got his win (#13, plus 10 strikeouts), Benoit got his save (#20). Smyly pitched nearly 2 innings, like he should, and gave up a run, like he shouldn’t. I like you at 1B, Prince, but throwing the ball at Porcello’s shoulder is an error. No glove there, though it’s an idea.

A recent quote from Prince Fielder, courtesy of

“I’m over stats,” Fielder said. “I’m into playing hard, and if I’m healthy, that’s my main stat. I’m out there playing every day and I think that’s all you can ask for.”

I like that. There’s the world of exaggerated fan talk, and then there’s the world of playing baseball for a living. Win or lose, the Detroit Tigers put on a good show. I’m satisfied, even as the fan in me will never run out of things to analyze and criticize and second-guess.

That being said, let’s get back to stats. Or not. It’s late, I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow.

News and notes on Rondon, Bonderman, Worth.

Anibal is on the mound and Miggy’s bat is full of unspent home runs. Could the Tigers be doomed to yet another victory? I’m thinking… yes. And I guess they won’t have to face Felix Hernandez this series after all. That practically reduces the magic number by one all by itself.

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  1. on Loon’s leading questions regarding home field advantage in ALDS or ALCS, the first two things that pop into my mind are:

    1) cold weather, ALCS is scheduled for 10/12 – 10/20… having to play a few more games in Tampa or Arlington might be all that bad

    2) the way OAK played in DET a few weeks ago, home field advantage might be over-rated if playing OAK

    PS: World Series scheduled for 10/23 – 10/31 – the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a cold winter this year

    1. Texas won’t get home field against anyone, in fact I will go out on a limb and say that they will not make the playoffs.

        1. in my opinion, JL and TX Mgr/Washington seem to be both cut from the same “old school” cloth… and they are both ‘players mgrs’ and rarely do you ever hear a player have anything bad to say about either of them

          …and both Mgrs have been stocked with some talent the past few years – and some would argue, both teams have under-performed under their leadership…if losing in the WS can be considered ‘underperforming’

        2. Yeah, one could call it a tailspin:

          Sept 01: 79-57 1st, up 1.
          Sept 16: 81-68, 2nd, down 6.5

          That’s a 2-11 run, in which they were swept an entire 6-game home stand (when was the last time the Tigers were swept 2 consecutive series at home?)

          Last year wasn’t great for them either:

          Sept 20: 89-60, 1st, up 4
          Oct 03: 93-69, 2nd, 1 out

          That’s a 4-9 run, in which they lost 5 games in the standings (and then went on to lose the wild card round).

          So yeah, if I had to bet, I’d put my money on Cleveland overtaking them. I can’t imagine there won’t be a head or two rolling in Arlington…

  2. I love that quote by Prince Fielder and I think it touches on what blue collar Detroiters take pride in: hard work. Although Prince’s numbers are down after surpassing .300 for the first time in his career and first time in a Detroit uniform, Prince is still out there everyday giving it all that he’s got. That’s one thing anyone from Detroit can stand for: never giving up.

    1. Agree, I think if anything his horrible slides endear him to the Tiger fans. He may not know how to slide, but dammit, he is going to try! He certainly is willing to put his body on the line for the team (ahem, take note, Mr. Jackson).

      The only thing that annoys me personally about Prince is his consecutive game streak (which I guess is also a blue-collar thing)–I think he would be playing better if Leyland dared to give him a day off now and then.

      1. agree with both of you on all points…

        …and on Fielder’s “slides”, if i were built like a nose tackle (like he is), i would make the catcher think i’m going to steamroll him and at the last second slide to (my left) the front-side of home plate and reach out and touch the plate with my right hand…past a cowering or confused catcher.

        At least twice this year, i think a more deceptive slide would have resulted in Fielder being safe (instead of out) at home, including the other night against KC

    1. Since no one smarter than you is chiming in, I’ll take a shot: the lineup cards are pre-printed with the left-fielder in the 6th spot.

  3. Don Kelly only has 2 sac bunts this season? Wow, OK, so he’s tied with Brayan Pena, Hernan Perez, Bryan Holladay, Doug Fister, and Anibal Sanchez for 5th on the team.

    Donkeys should be able to bunt. Just saying.

  4. We get the M’s radio/TV stuff here. Was driving the grandsons ( who are now into tackle Football; I keep a Priest on retainer, just in case) and in the pre game “Blow” aka Mike Blowers said the Tigers bullpen is the teams weakness! Luckily I am a fully trained EVAP (Emergency Vehicle Accident Prevention) driver so was able to keep the family SUV upright!

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