Game 2012.161: Royals at Tigers

87-73, Central Division Champs.


If the season had already ended, we’d be squaring off with the Rangers in Detroit on Saturday. Currently, the Yankees would get the #1 AL seed based on their head to head record versus the Rangers, with the Rangers as the 2nd division winner, and then the Orioles and As in a 1 game playoff in Oakland. But a lot can happen today and tomorrow to change that.

MLB has a page up which lists the current postseason picture and has a link for tiebreaker rules. Keep an eye on it.

Fister tunes up for what will likely be a game 2 start on Sunday in Detroit. So the only real drama left for the Tigers is whether Miggy win the Triple Crown. In case you’ve sworn off any sports outlet in the world other than DTW, here’s where stands:

Cabrera – .329 (career .304 with 2 HRs v. Guthrie)
Trout –  .325 (career .111 off of Iwakuma)

Cabrera – 44
Hamilton – 43 (2 for 10, 0 HR off of Travis Blackley)

Cabrera has 137, Hamilton has 127. The RBI race is done.

We get to relax for three days, then emotions get jacked up on Saturday.

Tonight’s Coasting Lineup:

1. Berry, CF
2. Santiago, 2B
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, DH
6. Avila, C
7. Boesch, RF
8. Kelly, LF
9. Worth, SS

8 thoughts on “Game 2012.161: Royals at Tigers”

  1. Hey, here’s the thing. Only way Tigers were going to get rid of Leyland was if they didn’t make playoffs… Or!!..If they win the world series. So.. GO TIGERS.

    1. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Leyland is 67 years old. He might be ready to retire himself at this point in time…but it’s gotta be tough to walk away from a team with as much talent as Detroit has right now.

      If Tigers can somehow win the World Series, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Leyland pulled a Scotty Bowman or Tony LaRussa and go out a winner.

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