Game 2012.143: Tigers at White Sox

75-67, 2nd place, 1 game behind CWS.

Scherzer was spectacular again, and with his team leading 16th win, he’s got an outside shot at 20 wins this year.

“So that gets us to tonight. Regular season games don’t get any better. Division rival. Ace v. Young Phenom. Win and we’re tied for first. My plan is progressing as planned, and I fully expect JV to bring it tonight.”

If that looks familiar, it’s because it’s what I wrote 11 days ago. 11 days of downs and a few ups, and we’re right back to playing for first place. Let’s just hope that after a win tonight, we don’t have to go through another 11 days like we just did.

Verlander takes the ball tonight after failing to reach 100 pitches for the first time in 80 starts. He’s been drilled in 2 out of his last 3 starts, with an 8 inning, 1 ER, 11 K performance sandwiched in-between. A win tonight would be his first road win since July 15th. He’s also struggled in his career at Cellular field, posting a 5-6 record and 4.27 ERA. Not to pile on, but the Tigers are 7-9 in JV road games this year.

I think a JV loss would look worse on paper than it really is. 2 games back with 18 games to go isn’t a bad spot. Nevertheless, with his recent struggles, the emotional effect on JV and the team could be a big nail.

Even with a great performance by Verlander, beating the White Sox will be no small accomplishment as starter Chris Sale is 8-0 with a 1.20 ERA in his last 9 starts at Cellular Field. Boesch broke through last night with his first hit against Floyd, and he’s been rewarded with a start against the Lefty Sale. Sale has only given up 3 HRs against lefites all year, but 2 of those were to big BB.

A few notes:

Raburn to the DL with a quadriceps strain.

– 20 of the Tigers final 23 games are against the Central, the Tigers are 9 games over in the division this year (1 game under against everyone else)

Tonight’s First Place Snatching Lineup:

1. Jackson, CF
2. Infante, 2B
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, DH
6. Peralta, SS
7. Garcia, LF (first time in Left…)
8. Boesch, RF
9. Laird, C

11 thoughts on “Game 2012.143: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. From my vantage point 35 miles west or so, I would guess that the rain isn’t going to stop. I’d rather that the game be called off than have Verlander put through rain delays.

    If the game doesn’t come off, when would it likely be rescheduled for? Monday the 17th?

  2. Verlander seems to get rain-delayed more than any other pitcher…although I can’t figure out how to look it up.

  3. Coleman – Google “Verlander rain delay.”

    My traumatic association of “Verlander” and “rain” goes back to last year’s ALDS against the Yankees. But a quick perusal of results for the above-mentioned search seems to indicate that Verlander + rain delay = good.

    Rain is in the Chicago forecast for the 17th…

  4. The rain out makes fridays game very important in that the Ace gets to go in an environment that hasn’t been too kind to the Tigers…Hopefully the Ace rises to the occasion….a few runs would help also…

  5. i expect JL to keep the same rotation, which would mean JV pitches game 1 in CLE tonight and Fister pitches Monday in Chicago…could be a good thing

    1. couldn’t they theoretically skip Sanchez or Porcello and have Scherzer pitch Monday?

      have it go like this….JV-Porcello-Fister-Scherzer-Sanchez.

      I know Fister has pitched well, too, but Monday is the last time we will see the Sox…as hot as Max has been, I’d like him on the hill Monday. I have not looked ahead to see how it would impact a possible one game playoff or the one game wild card game.

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