Game 2012.81: Twins at Tigers

39-41, 3rd place 3.5 games back.

The Tigers are now 0-8 in get back to .500 games since mid-May. Hopefully they’ll have an opportunity to break that streak tomorrow.

A sore hamstring has pushed Scherzer back to Sunday (and gives JV a leg up on the K king race), so Duane Below gets his first start of the season today. Below hasn’t pitched more than 2 2/3 since April, so Jimmy doesn’t expect to let Below go more than 4 today. Drew Smyly will be watching intently…

A few notes:

– Matt Young down (was he still up?) reliever Darin Downs up. Young struck out 9 times and doubled in his other plate appearance. Downs put up some solid numbers in Toledo- 29.1 IP, 2.15 ERA, 33 Ks, 1.13 WHIP.┬áNo word on whether he can play 2B.
– Fielder’s error in the 8th inning against the Rangers last Wed has been changed to a single; presumably to boost the Rangers bullpen ERA. Funny how other teams do that for their pitching staff.

Tonight’s Lineup Features a Flash Clown Show Flood Warning:

1. Jackson, CF
2. Berry, LF
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, DH
6. Avila, C
7. Raburn, 2B
8. Boesch, RF
9. Santiago, SS

25 thoughts on “Game 2012.81: Twins at Tigers”

  1. Since Leyland counts a pitcher’s workload by innings pitched rather than pitches thrown, I am never sure exactly how long someone is going to be in there. There is probably a good chance that the whole pen gets to pitch today. Then tomorrow they can shuffle 3 of the “tired” ones off to Toledo for some fresh meat. Let’s hope it doesn’t go into extra innings. Hopefully Leyland will have enough sense to keep Kelly out of the lineup tonight just in case.

    With that lineup I am not so sure they can break the magic 4-run limit.

  2. I’m not saying the Tigers can’t rally in the 2nd half and win the crummiest division, but this team is so profoundly not a World Series contender. So sad.

  3. 79-82…That is if they can get to 79….a team full of DH’s and yet gets less out of the DH spot than anyone in thee American league…

  4. Young has 30 RBI yet every time he comes to bat there’s a runner on second base…he should be on track for 150..but he might get to 55…

  5. Of recent, the Tigers giving 4 or 5 outs in an inning is really coming back to haunt them. 4th of July greetings from Denton, TX, home of Austin Jackson!

  6. Also, Rangers getting a thumping by White Sox 16-0! AJ making a statement to Ron Washington?

  7. And we are elated when Young..Rayburn..Avila, Peralta and Boesch each. get one hit a game and collectively drive one run

  8. And I say this knowing full well that beating the Twins tonight is quite likely since they are starting the American League’s worst starting pitcher.

  9. Man, it can’t be said enough that the Tigers would be firing Leyland and trading for prospects if they were in either other division.

    1. I know….its too bad isn’t it? The only good thing is that Leyland’s team keeps getting exposed and we are one day closer to the day that he is **** canned.

  10. So much for Ol’ Smoky’s edict just two days ago that he doesn’t like to/won’t use Villareal more than one inning at a time. Way to flip flop on that one Jimmy.

    1. If you build a bridge brick by brick , every time Smokey goes against one his Edicts we could use that bridge to drive to Japan

  11. Tiger “defense” on display. Hey Boesch — you’re in the big leauges; play like it.

  12. Business as usual…Well everyone got their one hit per game and No RBI…Leyland they are not going to fire you…please think of us fans….just QUIT!!!

  13. Anyone else listening to the broadcast? Dan and Jim just called out the front office – lack of players, inability to hit & run, poor fielding. It wasn’t overt, but it’s about as far as you’ll hear anyone go in terms of calling out their employer.

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