Game 2012.82: Twins at Tigers

39-42, 3rd place, 4.5 games back.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

The Twins are now 4-0 at Comerica this year.

In a season which began with sky high expectations, the Tigers arrive at the midway point 3 games under .500 with little reason to believe that the second 81 will be much better. Last night’s game was a microcosm of the season. Two Santiago errors led to 5 unearned runs, and Brennan Boesch’s poor play in the 7th led to another. Though the play was ruled a 2B, most other regular OFers make that play. The Bullpen’s walks (5) nearly matched its IPs (6.1), and the Tigers again failed to produce with the bases loaded, lowering their season average to .219  with a .531 OPS. (Contrast that to batting .294 with a .797 OPS with RISP for the season). Both Trevor Plouffe and Josh Willingham are having better offensive seasons than Prince Fielder.

To be honest, the loss was embarrassing. Dan Dickerson and Jim Price raised several concerns after the radio broadcast and chided the organization for the guys’ inability to manufacture runs and play defense, and questioned whether the Tigers can get back to .500. Price inferred that Ramon is being overplayed at 2B simply because the Tigers don’t have any other options.

Another loss today would be devastating.

But fortunately, Justin Verlander climbs the hill.

The Tigers simply need to start winning.


Lineups Later (or please post if you get the chance, headed to a BBQ, as I hope you are).


25 thoughts on “Game 2012.82: Twins at Tigers”

  1. Tonight’s Because-The-LF-Bats-2nd-That’s-Why Lineup:

    1. Austin Jackson CF
    2. Ryan Raburn LF
    3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
    4. Prince Fielder 1B
    5. Delmon Young DH
    6. Jhonny Peralta SS
    7. Brennan Boesch RF
    8. Alex Avila C
    9. Ramon Santiago 2B

  2. We have to go 77-4 the rest of the season to tie the AL regular season record for wins, set by the 2001 Seattle Mariners. What do you guys think?

  3. I think what we are seeing is a prime example of how NOT to build a contending team. Illitch and DD decided to put all their eggs in one basket (Fielder) with the hope that this would put the Tigers over the top. Considering the fact that the signing did not address one single major weakness (SP,2B, 3B(!?) and OF), it was pure magical thinking to assume this would resolve all problems and bring a WS crown. More magical thinking was required to assume that Delmon Young was going to turn out to be anything else than what he has a shown, and to entrust him with the DH role in the No. 5 spot yet. Raburn was another predictable disaster which was totally ignored. Some regression should at least have been expected for Boesch and Avila, so who did they pick up to shore up the bench strength – nada. The construction of the offense has to be one of the most unbalanced I have ever witnessed, especially with a team that was supposed to have serious playoff pretensions. This whole mess starts at the top and runs downhill right through the coaching staff. The players bear some of the blame, but who dealt this hand anyway. And with a few exceptions, this has been a pretty common approach for the last 5 or 6 years.

  4. Duensing has been brilliant out of the pen and a disaster as a starter. Maybe the boys can give JV a padded lead to work with for a change.

  5. Heres how smart Gardenhire is… instead of conceding the run with no outs and a leadoff triple ..he knows Rayburn sucks so he plays the infield in and … sets up the double play…he can out coach Leyland 7 days a week…Leyland would give up that run 100 per cent of the time

  6. Boesch, like the Tigers, apparently has trouble stretching his hot streaks beyond one game.

  7. It’s all a simple misunderstanding. Raburn thought a “2” hitter was the guy who hits everything to the second baseman.

  8. How can you play an entire half a season and only have 1 home run and only 10 RBI…and stay in the Major Leagues

  9. (Hypothetical post game) Kevin in Dallas: “Jim, would you mind commenting on the rationale behind batting the statistically worst hitter in the American League 2nd?”

    1. “@%^%$#, that’s where the LF bats, and that’s all there is to it.”

      I assume with LH starters the next 4 games, Rayburn will be our #2 hitter til the AS break.

  10. Well, Kevin ….. that is the position in the order that I have allocated for the left fielders ….. like to keep things simple. Next question.

    1. “Thanks Jim, but did you know that he’s batting .176, with an OPS+ of 32 and has less HR on the season than Cabrera had between the 5th and 8th inning tonight? I mean, surely you were aware of that before you decided to bat him behind Austin Jackson.”

  11. They pitched to Cabrera with 1st base open…they pitched to Cabrera with 1st base open…

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