Game 2012.51: Tigers at Red Sox

23-27, 3rd place, 5.5 games behind CWS (who have won 8 in a row).

Short and sweet for the Win.

1. Berry, CF
2. Boesch, RF
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, DH (Maybe Verlander should DH)
6. Avila, C
7. Peralta, SS
8. Kelly, LF
9. Worth, 2B


29 thoughts on “Game 2012.51: Tigers at Red Sox”

  1. Why is Dirks not in the starting lineup? Did Smokey’s crystal ball advise him not to start Dirksey?

  2. Young-Avila-Peralta-Kelly-Worth…Beckett would cancel golf, throw out the chicken, and pour out the beer for that.

    1. Red Sox have the bats, Tigers don’t. Scherzer helps out by giving up 3 HR, although striking out 9 in six innings. Red Sox win 7-3 and sweep. In postgame interview Leyland explains his boys are really trying hard but the breaks just aren’t going thier way, and further admits that Dombrowski is combing the trade market for a power hitting firstbaseman to give the offense a jolt.

  3. What was Brookens ejected for?

    Everyone is high strung these days…maybe their jobs are on the line.

  4. Unfortunately having various members of the coaching staff get ejected on a daily basis hasn’t
    worked either.

  5. I love it. A guy who knows how to bunt for a hit. When was the last time the Tigers had somebody that could do that?

  6. they can’t send down Berry when AJax comes back……..Berry is one of the few who actually seems to have a ‘fire’ about him. let’s see……we FINALLY got rid of Butt-burn + Balester…….so who?………maybe Kelly. we gotta keep Berry; makes no sense to send him down……so that means they probably will……..

  7. I’m wondering if it makes sense to slide AJax down in the order because of his power. Maybe 3 or 5? But I don’t want to move Cabrera, and I like Dirks in the 2 hole to get a lefty in there.

    Tomorrow against CC:
    1. Berry (man I would love to move him to 2nd)
    2. Jackson
    3. Cabrera
    4. Fielder
    5. Young
    6. Peralta
    7. Avila
    8. Dirks
    9. Worth

  8. finally! a game where the pitching holds and some timely hits… now how about some of that spilling over into the NYY series and then off to CLE. Though DET’s record has not followed suit, the Berry call-up has been a breath of life into this lineup/offense.

    The Crosby start tomorrow will go swimmingly… just not sure for what team (NY or DET).

  9. great game for the tigers lineup. bunt hits, stolen bases, taking extra bases and moving runners. We have a ton of power in the lineup but this is how we will win the division.

    After the game Leyland said dirks is worse today than yesterday, not a good sign. This can help with the where to put ajax in the lineup situation though.

    Big series for Berry coming up. Needs to hit well and keep the strikeouts minimal to win that 1 spot outright.

    1. With Dirks injured, I think that makes the Berry decision that much easier (if there was even a decision to be made). Interesting to see if they send down Kelly or a pitcher tomorrow. Though I’m still holding out hope that they send down Worth and announce that Berry played 2B in junior high and will be returning to his natural position.

        1. Rumors by the way that they are shopping Gerald “Will Never Be Hitting .300 Again the Rest of My Life” Laird for a trade.

  10. with Dirks out, its no brainer keeping Berry up and in the 1 spot. Jackson will fill in the 2 spot when he’s done hitting off a tee.

  11. Maybe Dirks will have to go to the DL. I don’t think they can afford keeping for too long a player who can’t play, considering the condition of the bench “strength”, Santos, Kelly and Santiago nit inspiring that much confidence, while Laird clearly has to stay, at least for the moment. And the rumors of shopping Laird seem absurd to me – how much can you get for a backup catcher?

  12. The Cubs are cleaning house and (according to rumors) would be willing to obsorb a large part of some salaries as well. Soriano (back to 2B?), Garza and Dempster (if Fister continues to be injured and Scherzer and Porcello don’t get it together we will need help in the rotation) are interesting possibilities, but DD may not want to part with what the’d want.

    I think a lot of what kind of trades happen in the near future will be determined by how greatly Illitch wants to “win now.”

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