Game 2012.37: Twins at Tigers

Ryan Raburn can’t get no respect.

Raburn’s first home run of the year was the deadly blow in the Tiger’s 8-run, comeback 6th inning, which overcame a seemingly insurmountable lead built against Max Scherzer, jinxed by Kevin In Dallas.

And yet, in the account of the three 6th inning home runs, Jackson “belted” his, Cabrera “jackhammered” a massive shot, but Raburn merely “flicked” one over the wall.  No respect.

The Tigers are back in Detroit for another 2-day doubleheader, this one against their once-upon-a-time nemesis, the Minnesota Twins.

Rick Porcello, who has hopefully escaped jinxing, will take on Nick Blackburn, who doesn’t seem to like staying up late.  During day games Blackburn has a career 3.91 ERA.  Nick at Night is not so good though, putting up an ERA of 5.13.

If a closer is needed for these 2, it won’t be Valverde: his lower back strain will keep him out of this series; he is day to day after that.  According to Leyland, Joaquin Benoit will be the closer in the meantime. “Probably.”

Morneau returns from the DL for the Twins, but it has just been announced Tiger-killer Denard Span has been scratched from the leadoff spot (hamstrung), to be replace by Erik Komatsu.

Today’s Player of the Pre-game: Alex Avila.  Last night after Valverde gave up back to back singles and went to a 3-1 count on the next batter, Avila summoned trainer Kevin Rand to the mound and Valverde was removed.  Tonight Avila’s job is to summon Kevin Rand as soon as either Balester or Putkonen step on the mound.

Tonight’s Ramonburn Lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Andy Dirks LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. Delmon Young DH
  6. Alex Avila C
  7. Ryan Raburn 2B
  8. Brennan Boesch RF
  9. Ramon Santiago SS

78 thoughts on “Game 2012.37: Twins at Tigers”

  1. Raburn needs to get his respect the old fashioned way – he has to earn it. One game is really much too small a sample size. As he hits better they will become “bombs”, but until then…..

    1. But…Leyland says he has “a track record.” Although I was disappointed to find out that didn’t mean he could run really really fast.

  2. yeah, he has a track record of batting less than .150 until the All-Star break. so here’s an idea: don’t let him bat ’til July 15 or so……..

  3. I was kind of expecting a relief pitcher rotation from Erie or Toledo after this past road trip, but when I checked out the Hens’ and Seawolves’ pitching stats I realized that the Tigers really don’t have anyone to call up – their pens seem to be mirroring what is happening with the big club’s. Some of the starters are doing well, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to bring one of those guys up to serve in the occasional mop-up role – at least not yet anyway. So we may be stuck with Balester and Putkonen for the time being.

  4. Neither the Twins or Tigers have won two in a row since mid April. Since the Tigers won yesterday, they are “ad-in” against the Twins tonight who lost to CLE yesterday. Baseball is a crazy game though and anything can happen.

  5. the Twinkies have been shut out 4 times so far in the month of May…guess today won’t be the 5th time

    Blackburn has been getting pounded this year…so that means at least 7 or 8 runs for DET…right?

  6. Since there is a good chance the question may come up tonight, the Tigers have 35 GDP so far this year.

  7. In addition to other good things, Jackson is best on Detroit with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 out.

      1. Since he got that steal of third the other night, Leyland will be running hm all the time now.

  8. That was an Inge play by Cabrera if I ever saw one–a great snag, then an ill-advised off-balance throw attempt.

      1. To be fair, CSK has looked good in CF (and RF)…he just can’t seem to play LF for some inexplicable reason.

        1. No word yet, he winced in pain after swinging last AB, and was replaced in the field by Kelly.

  9. Brett Lawrie gets 4 games?…….sheeeit let me punch one of those mofos…….especially one that calls pitches like that joker……..

  10. CLE put up 10 H 8 R against Felix Hernandez tonight thru 3.2 IN – impressive

  11. MIN last (by far) in the AL in runs scored… leave it to the Tigers to help them out of their lack-of-run-support rut

    1. Maybe this is the game when the bats get hot and turns their season around (MN I mean)

  12. some good ABs out of Santiago 2nite

    like to see him get going and banish raburn from 2B

    1. I was afraid of this. With Valverde out for a few games Putkonen now becomes the 7th inning guy. By the way, there is no Putty on the Tigers roster. You need to get to know your Tigers better.

  13. is Leyland that blind? or is our minor league situation so bad we have no one else who can take this joker’s place? anyone can see his ERA of +12 is justified…….. 🙁

    1. Leyland could have PH Laird for Avila there, but from the dugout he probably couldn’t see that Duensing throws lefthanded.

  14. The Tigers bullpen needs somebody to step up at some time. Avila has been flat out awful w/ R3L2O…

  15. I’ve just tuned in to see this mess. Only our Tigs could give up 9 runs to these minor leaguers aka the Twins. How do you score 7 runs and not have the game locked up? Ok, I will answer that one — Tigers blowpen

  16. It has been about a month since they last won 2 in a row…Jim, needs to stop telling his team, they are good…by definition a team, that can’t win 2 in a row is not good. They may become good, but, they are definitely not a very good team at the moment. The Twins are the worst team in baseball. One thing I am confused about, is how Rick Porcello and Putkonnen get multiple innings, yet, Smyly “didn’t look right” after 69 pitches. Porcello was lucky to have a lead, why send him out for another inning?

  17. many things about Leyland’s handling of the pitchers is a mystery to me……and has been for a few years……..

  18. Yeah, this team was going to get healthy when the Twins come to town. How many times did I hear that??

  19. Coleman said: “Tonight Avila’s job is to summon Kevin Rand as soon as either Balester or Putkonen step on the mound”. Some Player of the Pre-game.

    By the way, Plouffe = Raburn in a Twins uniform.

  20. So many freakin Double Plays hit by this team….Nothing has changed after yesterday. This team is stuck in mediocrity, and that is being nice. They just plain stink…

  21. Although they lost tonight, the Tigers retain the best home record in the division at 9-10.

  22. Ballester is AWFUL…a .14o hitter? He gives up HR’s to everybody? They better start working the phones and be willing to move some people because their bullpen is awful. Ballester has no business being on the team…He sucks, he is so much worse then Ryan Perry…Ballester gives up HR’s to the worst players in baseball. Whatever…You can not win w/ this bad of a bullpen. The sickening part is, they lost the pennant because any relievers not named Benoit or Valverde stunk. Yet, they spend 214 million on a 1st baseman and basically replace Albuqurque w/ Dotel….How did they think that this would be adequate? I can see why they keep pitching Putkannen, because his stuff is actually good…but, like Jason grilli his results stink. Ballester has nothing. Porcello and Scherzer are going to be inconsistent all year…They won last year because of Cabby, JV, V-Mart and a flawless pen. They need a bullpen that can get some outs on occasion…as bad as Porcello was, they had a chance to win the game and the pen gives up 5 runs in 5 innings…

    1. The Balester signing this past winter was a real headscratcher for me. I really can’t imagine what they saw in the guy: very high career ERA (5.23 before tonight) and a HR every 5+ IP – and before coming here his four previous years were in the NL. Frankly, I don’t think the Tigers evaluate relief pitching very well. I know this is a volatile area of the game, but I get the feeling that they have achieved below average results in this regard (despite last year). Is there any way to check this, going back 4 or 5 years?

    1. Scott

      Don’t hold the phone near your ear Scott – not after offering Kelly for Hernandez.

      The loud slam-down of the Seattle GM’s phone one second after making that offer, will leave you deaf in one ear the rest of the day.

      1. Damus…I think he is just making fun of the Seattle GM. He did trade Doug Fister for Charlie Furbush and Casper Wells. That is an awful trade for the M’s. Anybody in their right mind would have slammed the phone after that offer was made..

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