Game 2012.2: Red Sox at Tigers

1-0, First Place, 1 game up on 4 others.

The Tigers get ready for game 2 after a thrilling opening day win on Thursday. Have I mentioned how much I despite the off day after opening day? Though a W makes it a bit easier.

There has been a lot of talk about the Valverde insertion in the 9th. Though I would have loved to see JV get a complete game on opening day, Valverde in the 9th was not a surprise for anyone who knows Leyland, and it was the right move. When you have the 2nd best closer in the AL, you look for every reason to get him into the game.

I do think there was some truth to Leyland’s statement after the game that he’s glad the streak (Valverde’s) is over. We have no idea what kind of pressure it created, and it has got to be a relief for at least a few key people inside the clubhouse.

A W today would be the Tigers’ first game 2 win since 2006.

I watched a lot of Josh Beckett last year. He can be very good but he only went 7+ in 11/30 starts last year. He doesn’t walk a lot, but he does run the pitch count up there searching for the K.

4:05 PM ET start.


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  1. It would be great to get a series win starting today. With Fister going we should have a decent shot at that. Schedule-wise April looks to be the cruellest month for the Tigers as far as the competition goes, and a fast start would take some of the pressure off as the season progresses.

  2. With that last play at third by Cabby, Inge is one step closer to the strat of his next career as Art Van furniture salesman

  3. I am doing my taxes here and only occasionally checking in with the game. I see Fister is out. Is it the finger problem again? I hope it is not serious.

    1. Well, it doesn’t do to get overly optimistic, so Cranky Coleman says: hmm, looks like spring training doesn’t count for a reason..,Ryan Raburn back to typical 1st half form.

      1. I was just looking at the box and noticing the same about old “Kburn.” He is 0 for 3 with one K. I hope things change for the kid.

  4. This is pretty much what we thought we would see sometimes from Cabrera-Fielder…bummer of the game: Fister. Gold Star for the game: Below.

  5. They can score with the bomb, they can score with small ball, they can score with station to station.

    1. I am kind of surprised that Leyland let Dirks hit against the lefty Thomas in the 7th. I thought he would have let a RH bat pinch hit just to get somebody else into the game. He must have had a gut feeling there 😉

  6. Alex Trebek: Jim Northup, Norm Cash. 1968.
    Tiger Fan: What is the last time the Tiger 3-4 hitters each homered twice in the same game?
    -Ding ding ding!

    1. Best case scenario he misses 2 starts. Perhaps “Lucky” Below gets to go into the rotation after all. Who gets the replacement call – Villareal?

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