Game 2011.160: Indians at Tigers

Two months ago, the internet was buzzing with Ubaldo Jimenez rumors.  The Tigers were one of the teams thought to be most active, though they likely never got close because the asking price was too high.  During the height of the Jimenez rumors, Doug Fister quietly put up quality starts and took loss after loss despite an ERA around 3.  I don’t think any of us had him on our radar. Thank goodness DD did.  All he’s done in a Tigers uniform is post an Alexandrian like 7-1 record, 2.02 ERA and .90 WHIP.

The most obvious/exciting matter still at hand for the Tigers is the possibility of home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs against Bos/Tampa/LAA.  The Tigers start tonight a game behind the Rangers, but the Rangers are at LAA who are fighting for the Wild Card, while we get to host the Indians.  Remember, a tie and we get home field.  95 wins looks nice, but I think we get to 94, tie the Rangers, and insert Maggs into the 2 hole against David Price on Friday night.

Some other things to watch out for these next three nights:
– TB hosting the Yankees, while the Red Sox go to Baltimore.
– JV holds the slimmest of margins in the AL ERA race, 2.40 to 2.41 over Jeff Weaver.  He’s got the other 2 parts of the pitching triple crown wrapped up.  Weaver against the Rangers on Wed…possibly for a playoff spot.
– Cabrera is now leading the AL batting race by a three points over Adrian Gonzalez and Michael Young.

Caught this nugget in today’s Freep:  “By allowing six runs in five innings, Matusz’s ERA rose to 10.69, which means he could finish the season with the highest earned-run average by a pitcher with more than 10 starts in league history, according to Elias Sports. In 2000, Roy Halladay, who would go on to win two Cy Young Awards, finished with a 10.64 ERA with Toronto.”

Tonight’s 1st Round Home Field Advantage Going For Lineup Is:

1. Will Rhymes, 2B
2. Don Kelly, 3B
3. Delmon Young, LF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Ryan Raburn, RF
8. Ramon Santiago, SS
9. Andy Dirks, CF

I like resting Jackson.


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  1. On a random note, the Tigers hired the last 20-game loser, Mike Maroth, as a pitching coach for the single A Lakeland team (the season he lost 21 he also led the Tigers in wins–with 9…ouch).

  2. Sorry to see Betemit not playing today. Makes me wonder how he is recovering. Meanwhile Cabrera is a hoot pepper hits as he goes for the batting crown. Rod sez he has batted .400 sine 01AUG. A glimpse into what Ted Williams was like?

      1. At the moment, the Inge/Kelly platoon isn’t doing too badly. If Netenit can’t play in the playoffs, it makes for an interesting choice for his replacemant.

  3. Speaking of how well Fister has done, I noticed that none of Furbush, Ruffin or Wells has done particularly well with Seattle since the trade. Even Pauley has been more productive. Maybe a ways down the road it will balance out a bit, but it looks like an extremely one-sided deal in the Tigers favor at the moment.

  4. Fister is on fire…he has been better than Verlander since he got here. If only there were a way to go through the postseason with a 2-man rotation…

    1. Becket lost tonight and finishes at 2.89, Shields won tonight and finishes at 2.82, so Fister remains in 4th place.

      Cabrera hitting .343 now. A Gonzalez still at .338. M Young 0 for 1 so far and at .337.

      Red Sox and Rays now tied for wild card.

      Atlanta lost and it looks like Cards are going to beat Houston, so they will be tied too.

      Does this finish give Selig more ammo in pushing for more playoff teams (games)?

  5. Fister since joining the Tigers (including tonight): 11G 70IP 8-1 1.80 ERA
    Verlander since Fister joined the Tigers: 11G 78IP 10-0 2.54 ERA


  6. here’s hoping RSox make it in: they’re playing so poorly they won’t last long. Tampa, on the other hand, is playing at least better, and would be tougher to beat. I saw one game v Tampa this year [I live in Tampa now]….the game Penny pitched…….Tigers won. Tampa’s big problem is they don’t hit very well……

  7. Maybe the best thing about letting Verlander go on 3 days rest in a possible Game 4 would be we’d also have Fister available for Game 5! (Not gonna happen, I know.)

    Cabrera, besides widening his lead in BA, passed Bautista tonight for OBA. Probably needs to hit some more HRs to get the OPS lead.

    1. Wow. Didn’t he just sign an extension this season?

      Looks like Ken Williams just got sick of his antics.

        1. Sounds like a great trade Kevin! BTW, can you image what this blog would be like if the Tigers were having to go thru the season like the Red or White Sox? (I just saw the Red Sox WWW site and they are asking fans not to discuss Lackey’s home situation.) Meanwhile we wring our hands worry about who will be the number two starter? Such is baseball! Go Tigers!

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