Game 2011.107: Angels at Tigers

Well how about that.  Jacob Turner will make his major league debut tonight.  Jim Leyland has said he will make one start, then return to the minors. Turner’s ERA is 0.00, which leads all AL pitchers.

Before I even had time to ponder what this meant for any trade possibilities, word comes down that a trade has been made.  The Tigers have acquired starter Doug Fister and reliever David Pauley from the Mariners for 3rd Base prospect Francisco Martinez, Casper Wells, Charlie Furbush, and a player to be named later.

Fister will start Wednesday against Texas.

I’ll miss the Ghost and the Furby, and I think both will turn out to be major league players, but I think the trade is a good one for the short term.  Fister has a nice 3.33 ERA, only walks 2 per 9 innings, 7th best in the AL.  Pauley has been great this season (2.15 ERA), and may take over the Al Alburquerque role–Al-Al has been day-to-day with elbow soreness, and I wouldn’t surprised if the arrival of Pauley sends Al to the DL.

So, what do we think of the trade? Of Turner starting?

Today’s Player of the Pre-Game:  Daniel Schlereth

What I said yesterday.  Porcello made him unnecessary last night;  not tonight.  Turner will be on a strict pitch count.

Today’s Turneriffic Lineup:

  1. Andy Dirks CF
  2. Brennan Boesch LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera 1B
  5. Victor Martinez DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta SS
  7. Carlos Guillen 2B
  8. Alex Avila C
  9. Don Kelly 3B

58 thoughts on “Game 2011.107: Angels at Tigers”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing Turner today. About the trade I’m still nervous about receiving any Seattle pitching after the Washburn debacle a few years back. Fister has got to be better than the 1 – 3 7.33 ERA that Washburn put up as a Tiger right?

  2. Seattle fans speculating that the PTBNL is Drew Smyly. That would be very disheartening. I think Fister and Pauley will help although they are both groundball low strikeout guys. Our IF defense does not exactly inspire the confidence of a GB pitcher.

    1. Well, but they’re Seattle fans. We’re Tiger fans. Let’s speculate that it’s Purcey.

        1. I’ve been calling him Walker Purcey, but the joke is too arcane and literary to gain much traction, as they say. But if Renteria was worth a Ham Sandwich, then Purcey is worth one of those toothpicks with the little colored twizzly cellophane sprigs on the top.

    2. The Smyly rumor is coming partly from the fact that he was signed by Detroit Aug 17 2010. Which means technically they can’t trade him until Aug 17 2011. Hence, to be included in the trade he would have to be a PTBNL, and the trade completed on or after Aug 17.

  3. im pretty excited to have fister under club control through 2015. he seems to be a solid 3/4 guy and someone who has been healthy and an possible 200 inning eater. i like the fact doesnt have a walking problem. this just seems, to me, to be a very sound move for not only this year but for a few more years as well.

    1. Fox is not carrying it where I am. And yet I am blacked out from watching it on MLB.TV because it is the Fox game of the day. This makes less sense than Leyland saying players are “due,” and has a measurable impact on my blood pressure.

  4. Despite the Fister trade, the Tigers are supposedly still pursuing Jason Marquis, and have gotten close to a deal.

    But why?

    As Stormin’ Norman pointed out, the price for Ubaldo grew to include Turner AND another pitcher AND Brennan Boesch. Wow. I’ll take the Fister trade.

    1. The asking price for Ubaldo is ridiculously high – especially for someone who essentially has really only had one very good half of baseball and someone who has lost nearly 3 MPH on his fastball this year.

      1. I think they wanted Porcello and Turner……and a player to be named later….like maybe Cabrerra

  5. I like the trade a lot . We get much needed rotation and bullpen help and get to keep Turner, Oliver, and hopefully Costellanos.

  6. Also, about the Fister trade… Martinez had 27 errors at third so far this year? Gross.

    1. I think that’s typical for a young 3B in the minors. Scott Rolen made 38 errors at 3B in A ball, then he won a gold glove in the majors a few years later and 8 gold gloves in during his career.

  7. We crushed everything Haren threw that inning. He got lucky we don’t have a 4 spot on the board.

  8. After seeing Turner pitch today, I am really glad that I didn’t see his name in a trade. *knocks on wood*

  9. Seattle Mariners Blog with Shannon Drayer:

    “Jack Zduriencik has said that the player to be named later is a significant one. A source tells me that player is one of the Tigers top 3 picks from the 2010 draft, 3B Nick Castellanos, RHP Chance Ruffin or LHP Drew Smyly. It is not clear if all three are on the list but none can be traded until they have been signed for one year.”


    1. I had heard the same thing, except replacing Castellanos with Bruce Rondon. Which I really hope is the case.

  10. “So what was it like in the bigs Jake?”

    “Detroit’s nice, the Coke sucks.”

  11. That is how Phil Coke makes outs. He gives up hits and baits the runner into trying to take a double. Brilliant.

  12. Jacob Turner can pitch…he looks like a young Porcello….seeing that Porcello is an old 22

  13. Watching Dan Haren on gameday is incredible. He has a plan and sticks to it. Pounded VMart low and inside.

  14. The Angels, like the Yankees and Red Sox, just know how to play baseball. That double play was a thing of beauty. Tigers don’t make that play.

  15. No, that play isn’t made by the Tigers. The Angels have played excellent D today minus the Trumbo mistake on the Magglio groundball

  16. Purcey and Coke have cost us 2 games in 3 days. Pauley can’t get here soon enough.

    1. mike scoscia would probably crap himself managing our team. Other than AJax, we don’t have guys that can steal bases and play great D. .

  17. Man….our bullpen has been awful lately…It’s probably a good thing we traded for a RP instead of just a Starter….Pauley will hopefully be an improvement over the clown show that is our bullpen.

    Since when is Phil Coke useless?

  18. I thought this game was a lost cause going into it. At least Turner got the start and kept us in the game for 5 innings. I don’t think Below could of done that.

  19. So, what’s the deal with Al Alburquerque? Is he healthy? Man, that would be great to have him healthy with Pauley. Unfortuantely if Al isn’t healthy, Pauley will just replace him effectively, and we’re still stuck with Purcey, Coke, and the Clownettes….

    What’s the general feel about this trade? It seems good to me on the surface. With how young Fister and Pauley are, we definitely kept some youth. Fister seems like he will be solid in the rotation.

  20. I would like to remind everyone I made the first ‘Fister, I don’t even know her’ joke on this website two years ago. My legacy is complete. I think it drove away our last female commentator. For that, my infamy is complete.

  21. Fister and Pauley – World Series here we come – 😉

    We go from a “slightly better than average team” to a “slightly better than a slighlty better than average team. Pauley improves the bullpen a bit (how could he not) and Fister becomes a bonafide member of the #4 Starter Club along with the other #4 starters, Scherzer, Porcello, and Penny. I’m pretty sure Fister isn’t going to go 9-0 and become Doyle Alexander 2.0. He’ll solidify the starting rotation, but this isn’t a trade that will have a major short term impact, I think.

  22. im super excited about turner. tall power pitcher (which is a dave d embodiment) besides a few meatball 4 seam fastballs down the heart of the plate. he showed a lot of his looks. he probably should have thrown some more 2 seamers because that was looking solid. his curveball looks nice. kid is 20 and has a number of pitches. and more than anything, his composure was outstanding, and his father backing up those thoughts in the tv interview were encouraging. i was a little upset they didnt allow himm to just straight finish out the 6th, he allowed the one base runner. come on (then coke comes in a blows up)

    we’re talking about a 20 year old, with a 95 fastball, 93 mph 2 seam, 80mph curveball. strong solid frame, and the impressions of an even keel composure. unsure of any changeup, but make that a decent 3rd option for him, maybe teach him some weirdo slurve and or even a cutter. full range of pitches pitcher if thats the case.

    (and for anyone still questioning the fister trade. i think the club control will end up helping a lot towards the future. dave d has done a pretty good job with controlling payroll after those ridic contracts to dwillis/robertson/bonderman. fleecing all those players in the granderson trade for starters. and a trade like this, numerous players are under club contract through 2015ish now. coupled with a few big pay perennial allstars. i can imagine dave d not getting re-upped after the season, even with a possible collapse. dude has turned this club into a yearly contender in the AL central. ((sure he has some philosophical faults to running a club. but overall unless you are comparing detroit to the yankees and red sox. the guy has been pretty damn strong. and i think it will only continue to get stronger as the drafting of pitchers allow themselves to grow within his system)) )

    end massive comments/rant

  23. Really can’t imagine Dombrowski not being re-upped? I can. He has presided over giant payrolll that has won exactly 0 division titles in the historically awful AL Central. Seriously, this team could win the division by going 85-77, that’s a sign of crummy division not outstanding management. If they were in any other AL division, they’d be out of it again. And I can see how you cite the Grandy deal as a sign of his genius. We got a #3 pitcher and a great defensive outfielder who is in the top 3 in strikeouts again and should be batting ninth. In exchange, we gave up a still young All-Star who is going to score 140 runs and finish fifth or sixth in mvp voiting.That trade is a push,

    1. Not to mention the horrific Renteria for Jurrgens trade, the mind-numbing contract extension given to Willis before he ever threw a pitch here, and re-signing Inge for two years at 6 mil per. All signs of a really solid GM. My only hope is that if we yet again fail to win the division (I’m betting that is the case), that he and Ol’ Smoky are shown the door. If we don’t win the division and both return, I may have to find another MLB team to root for in 2012. If we win I can stomach their return, if they don’t I have to have the consolation prize of a sweeping management change to keep hope alive. Please Mr. Ilitch, do the right thing.

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