Game 2011.25: Mariners at Tigers

Welcome to double spillover contest Thursday.  We’re giving away this very cool Tigers History Newspaper (courtesy of today.  The person who is closest to predicting the totals below will win.  I’m not making this dependent on picking a winning team because that’t not really working out for anyone.

– # of runs (both teams)
– # of hits (both teams); and
– # of HRs (both teams)

Michael Pineda scares me.  Very much so.  Kid has been sick, posting a 1.08 WHIP, 7.4 K/9 and 1.78 ERA in his first four major league starts.  He throws a mid 90’s four-seamer and two-seamer, and a very good slider which he throws almost 30% of the time.

The Tigers bats are ice cold.  No one has more than two hits in the series, and I’m not expecting much today.

Bad Brad Penny is gonna have to be our streak buster today.  He was phenomenal last time out allowing 0 hits (though 1 was charged against him) over 7 innings in a win over the White Sox. The Mariners have some pretty decent career numbers off of Penny including Kennedy .368 (7-19), Wilson .357 (5-14), and Suzuki and Olivo .400 (2-5).

Today’s Kelly friendly lineup where JL mistakenly inserted Santiago for Peralto even though he meant Santiago for Rhymes:

1. Jackson – CF
2. Santiago – SS
3. Ordonez – DH
4. Cabrera – 1B
5. Boesch – RF
6. Raburn – LF
7. Avila – C
8. Kelly – 3B
9. Rhymes – 2B

Fun Fact – the Tigers haven’t been swept in a series yet this year.

44 thoughts on “Game 2011.25: Mariners at Tigers”

  1. In my browser the URL for the link to isn’t working. Sponsors might like that fixed.

    Anyway… I’ll guess

    12 runs
    16 hits
    4 home runs

    Go Tigers!

    1. Oops, I mean 7, 13, and 1.

      I was accidentally answering the quiz: “1. In which game of the ’86 series did Bill Buckner make his famous error? 2. What is John Public’s middle initial? 3. What dish is also known as “eggs mimosa?”

  2. BTW – we’ll take guesses through the end of the 2nd inning, just to get the numbers up. I’ll let Andrew in Toronto change his if he wants.

  3. Which Tiger team will show up today?
    Being swept by Seattle at home would not sit well with the Tiger fans!

  4. I’ll bite on the trivia.

    9 runs
    14 hits
    1 homer
    AND A TIGERS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m really not so sure about the last prediction.

  5. Kjax should be sent down immediately……and when he’s brought back up…….inserted in the bottom of the batting order.

  6. Methinks the recent sweep of Chicago may have had more to do with the Sox than the Tigers.

  7. Man..this team is just a joke right now. There better be some roster moves after this series, or the ship is going to sunk by the end of next week…

    1. plus if Jackson and Ordonez are batting one and three tomorrow there should be a new manager after this series also……

      1. I was impressed with that Pineda kid that pitched for Seattle. One of the best young arms I’ve seen this season. That’s a great 1-2 punch they have with King Felix.

        Who do you take: King Felix/Pineda or Verlander/Scherzer?

    2. We’re gonna have a handful more of these 3 game losing streaks. No reason to get too worked up. Tigers are square in the middle of the AL in runs scored and batting average.

      1. Unfortunately, 12th in ERA and 12th in defense (I know, I know, Inge’s RF makes up for that). Statistically speaking, overall then, they have performed below mediocre level. Will they improve? Hopefully, but how much can we realistically expect. They are what they are – an average team, with average management (I’m being kind here!) in an average division – ocassionally they’ll play some good ball for a few games, and ocassionally they’ll put on a clown show for a few, but most of the time it will fall somewhere in between. Are they going to the WS? – not very likely. Can they take the division? – maybe. If that is acceptable, there is definitely no reason to get worked up.

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