2010: POSTseason

Well, 2010 has come to an end.  For our beloved Tigers anyway.  Based on spring forecasts, the boys probably met expectations, but considering where we were at the AS Break, it’s hard to call 2010 anything other than disappointing (okay, maybe “frustrating’).

Now, there are a ton of fantastic Tigers topics to debate in the coming weeks, the most exciting of which is that $50M is set to come off of the payroll.  Moreover, AJax and Cabrera may have their names called when postseason awards are announced…and does anyone care that Jim Leyland is 28 games under .500 over the past four seasons after the AS Break?  (credit to stephen for pointing this out from time to time)

For the near future, my plan is to do a year in review, and then a position by position post every two-three days for the next few weeks (we’ll group OFers/SPs/RPs together) so that we can discuss what we have at the big league level, who’s knocking on the door, and who we may be able to convince to come over with a huge cardboard check signed by Little Caesar himself.  I certainly don’t hold myself out to be billfer in terms of depth and resources, so I’ll be looking to you guys to help move the topics along.  On that note, if anyone wants to substantially contribute, now or next season, shoot me an email at kmvela @ yahoo dot com and we’ll chat offline.

This should get us through the WS and lead us up to the winter meetings.  For next season, my goals are the following:

1) Create a shared database to track JLs wacky moves, and other things which we can’t glean from Baseball-Reference.  Too often I find ourselves asking “didn’t he get burned last time he brought in a righty to face Thome?”  This can likely be done pretty easily via Google Docs.

2) Get someone to post daily (or close to it) on the minor league system.  Much like billfer’s minor league wrap-ups, but in the mornings.  In fact, if someone is looking to become an expert on the Tigers minor league system and get some writing experience, let me know.  billfer was able to parlay his Tiger fandom and hard work into a writing job, you could be next.

3) Host a few call in sessions after games, or perhaps even during spring training.  Sites like blogtalkradio.com make this a cinch.

4) Learn more about Coleman.

There are several other sites out there where readers can talk Tigers and interact, but what I really think sets this one apart from the others is the quality of our readers and your comments and analysis.  (The layout helps as well). I know that we hit a lull after billfer stepped down and it took me a while to figure out how to use the back-end (not to mention the 6 game losing streak), but I’m looking forward to running the site in 2011.  More to come.

A few quick notes that I saw over the weekend:

– Not that I would ever undo the deal that brought us Edwin Jackson, and eventually landed us Scherzer, AJax, Coke & Schlereth, but Matt Joyce posted an .837 OPS last season in 200 ABs, good for fourth on the Tigers roster (that includes Casper Wells who had 93 ABs).

– Juan Uribe out produced Jhonny Peralta and Brandon Inge.  By a decent margin.

– The Twins have lost 12 straight postseason games.  Is 6 division titles in 9 years enough to compensate for that?

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  1. I noticed Justin Verlander’s page on Baseball Reference is sponsored by a Phillies booster. He even calls JV “…hopefully future Philly…” Argh!

  2. Did Billfer actually get a paid job with Tigs Town? That would be awesome! And ironic, since he left this site because he didn’t have time.

  3. Look forward to seeing some of the offseason analysis, and great idea on the JL tracker, but I think this is going to be his last season anyhow, so not sure if it will matter. I wish I had kept a diary cause I had found SEVERAL HUNDREDS of clear mistakes (not counting any pitching change decisions in that total) on his part that I caught and it would be an impressive thing to look at.

    1. If you didn’t keep a diary how could you be sure of the number of mistakes that you found? Just sayin’.

      1. Cause for the last couple years, not counting the past couple months, I’ve watched nearly every game and I have a strong feel for the number, and it’s easily many hundreds of severe mistakes. It all depends on what you call a mistake, I’m not counting batting lineups I don’t agree with, but if I did I could possibly say that’s 100 bad lineups per year, so it could be hundreds of mistakes just on lineups alone. But I’m not thinking about those just by themselves, I’m thinking mainly about bad decisions as it relates to ALL tactics, such as bad pinch hitting mngmt, lineup cards, stealing decisions, base running decisions, hitting tactics from taking pitches improperly to giving hitting sign improperly to bad bunting tactics, etc. He makes multiple mistakes in most games, but even on just 1 mistake a game he would be at 162 mistakes in just ONE year, and he EASILY is averaging more than 1 mistake per game. Plus the stuff he screws up with not having his support coaches doing their jobs correctly, that should be worth extra negative points to put him into the thousands in terms of negative points he’s earned.

        1. Sitting hot hitters for defensive purposes around the 6th or 7th inning and then watch the team lose. Don’t forget that one!

          1. I actually do have a diary of Lions mistakes for several years as well as all mistakes by all NFL coaches of any games I watched. I thought about starting one for the Tigers but then I figured there would be so many repeats of the same thing and to have to log each one on my computer just seemed like overkill. Besides what would I do with it? I just sent a 20 page introductory proposal to DD and got rejected with a form letter. He didn’t even read what I had to say let alone consider it with an open mind. I just hope he doesnt do any interviews saying he’s turning over every rock for the best options of how to improve the team, cause I won’t be buying it!

  4. So Adam Dunn or bust, eh? I think it’s obvious he would play LF. I like all his walks, but how will the fans receive a .240 hitter? Sure, 5th sounds good in our lineup, but I’m more worried about 3rd. Will it be Magglio? Is there ANYONE else we can bring aboard? Dunn and Ordonez in the outfield, well um…good luck Austin.

  5. $11mm plus a $500k buyout option for 2013. Color me underwhelmed. Binge deserves no more than $4mm a year.

    1. Well at least we get the defensive upside, and the premium that we are we paying will just be a gamble that he pans out as a hitter. if he comes through then we make a big score, but the higher odds are that we just lose a small amount of millions. It seems like a pretty evenly fair bet to me, maybe even slightly in our favor because there is very little money gap to lose because of his defense, and the sky is the limit if he performs really well or freakishly well. Plus there aren’t any other 3B options in the FA market I’m assuming. If we are lucky enough to generate some trading action then hopefully we can finally land a solid SS and C for the future. We need some mega premium players to add to our infield somewhere.

    1. Well now that would be just plain stupid if he got a big paycheck. He sucks, and would only cost us a lot of money to block a cheap young prospect from gaining the field. There is nothing to be gained by spending money and a roster spot on him.

      1. Marcus wouldn’t be used correctly in Detroit. His true potential would not be realized. He was resentful that he didn’t play in game 163 and I don’t blame him.

  6. Hello everybody!

    I’ve been amusing myself rooting for an SF Giants team that makes me temporarily un-root every time Edgar “Ham Sandwich” Renteria or Aubrey “What the Huff?” come up to bat. At least they didn’t activate Dontrelle Willis, that would have been too much.

    But did you know: series MVP Cody Ross is a former Tiger? He came up with Detroit and played 6 games in the ill-fated 2003 season.

    1. That’s what happens when you let young prospects rot in the minors. He could have ended up being a good player for us but we never gave him a chance. They have wasted countless opportunities over the years to play the young players instead of proven unqualified and more expensive veterans. We could have traded some of those veterans away for additional value in addition to uncovering cheap hidden gems, and the result might be something better than a ridiculous mega fortune loss and embarrassing win/loss record. The Tigers always try to win the hard way, and baseball is not the game for you when you don’t strategize with the grain.

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