Game 2010.135: Tigers at Royals

Fun game last night.  Good chatter on DTW too.

Grienke goes for the Royals tonight.  He’s 1-0 over his last three with a 2.45 ERA and 1.36 WHIP.  Though the Tigers won’t need to score much though.  In Grienke’s past 10 outings for the Royals, his teammates have averaged just 2.4 runs per game.

Bondo goes for the Tigers.  He has not done much to solidify his spot in the rotation this year, though he did limit the Royals to 2 runs on 8 hits over 6 innings in his last outing on August 23rd (remember, Figaro started in his spot 5 days ago).

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    1. And with a lineup that would scare many a sandlot team across America. Bondo needs to take one for the team and give the bully a break here while the batters try to avoid being no-hit. Damon walks Well, at least there goes the perfect game.

      1. Maybe a change of scene would help. How about a relief role as a possibility. But I think in any case time has run out for him in Motor City. One good year and pfttt.

  1. Not taking his defense into account, just for argument’s sake, let’s say Peralta continues as he has since joining the team:

    .271 /.346 /.483 /.829 – 4 doubles, 7 HR, 14 BB, 22 K in 147 PA (before tonight).

    Is that worth $7M? It is significantly better than Inge and he strikes out less.

        1. With so few PA I suppose the SLG/OPS can fluctuate quite a bit quickly, but the BA and OBP should be more stable, yes?

    1. Definitely a Twins-like rally. Somebody was paying attention this past series. Well, Johnny Damon wasn’t, but hey…

  2. Bonderman very perplexing: 1st 3 innings: 4 runs, 6 hits, 4 BB. Last 4 innings: 0 runs, 1 hit, 1 BB. And this kind of outing seems to be the typical sort over his career.

  3. The Royals announcer just said Peralta got the first hit for the INDIANS tonight in the 5th inning… Can we give an error to the announcer?

  4. Did anyone catch the radio guys talking about the solo HR stats? 8 straight solo HRs…that seems pretty tough to do.

    Tell me if I’m thinking about this wrong, but if the average OBP is .330, and one in every ~4 guys leads off the inning, then the chances of 8 straight solo HRs would be (.330)^6? Or .04%. Or 1/2500.

    That seems too low.

      1. The bases empty homer seems like it has been a Tigers’ specialty over the last few years, but maybe it is just me. There must be a stat on this somewhere/

    1. If you look at the total of HRs hit this season in the AL, here are the stats:

      HR bases empty 57.4%
      HR runners on 42.6%

      And here are Detroit’s stats

      HR bases empty 64.8%
      HR runners on 35.2%

      In addition if you look at the total number of PAs in the AL, you have this:

      PAs with bases empty : 55.3%
      PAs with runners on base : 44.7%

      And for Detroit:

      PAs with bases empty: 52.7%
      PAs with runners on base: 47.3%

      So not only do they hit way above avg numbers of solo homers, but they bat with bases empty far less than the average team.

  5. And now we get the pitcing-change-in-the-middle-of-the-inning-for-no-compelling-reason scenario. Match-ups – I know, I KNOW, I KNOW!

    1. Yeah, but he is probably good in the clubhouse, defends the team in the press, perhaps has potential coaching ability and maybe can help recruit old worn out ex-Yankee teamates to come play in Detroit for exhorbitant amounts of money.

    2. Just our luck, he actually WANTS to stay in Detroit too.

      Damon: I like Detroit, I want to stay here
      Detroit: Um, thanks dude…but, really, you shouldn’t have. No, we mean you shouldn’t have…

        1. Raburn on the other hand was hitting .278 RISP before that AB. Why you would walk Damon to get to Raburn there is a mystery to me. Maybe JL isn’t THE WORST MANAGER EVER after all.

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