Game 2010.134: Tigers at Twins

Tigers’ last game at the new Target Field this season.  Good riddance.

Tigers look to their ace to salvage a win in the series.  It’s a shame that Galarraga and Scherzer were not rewarded for their dominant efforts already, though Liriano pitched like an ace yesterday. Man do I miss Seay.

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  1. Tigers first inning pretty much a microcosm of the whole season: bases loaded nobody out = 1 run. And lucky to get that.

  2. Am I the only one that can clearly see that the ball hit off the concrete behind the wall? Or am I not seeing good replays?

  3. Bases loaded and nobody out and somehow the Twins manage to come up with 2 runs immediately. And off our “ace” yet. I just don’t get it – how do they do it?

  4. Scott Baker (known as “the homerun maker” here in Minny) is out. Anybody hear why? I haven’t got the game on here.

    1. 5 IP – 10 hits. Unless the hitting team is the Tigers, that will usually result in a bunch of runs. Sure the error hurt, but Verlander hasn’t exactly been “Ace” tonight.

  5. Is there a compelling reason to follow this mess for the rest of the season? They don’t hit well, they don’t field well, the baserunning is abysmal, pitching is suspect, given their play in these areas I have grave doubts about the coaching, and they definitely aren’t managed well. Seeing what the “young guys” can do isn’t a reason because we have been pretty much watching that for the last two months anyway.

    1. Tons.

      1) JV can tie a career high with 19 wins.
      2) AJax is the leading candidate for ROY.
      3) If Boesch can have a September like his May or June, he may challenge AJax for Roy.
      4) Is Scherzer the long-term #2 we’ve been hoping for?
      5) Can Wells and/or Rhymes contribute in ’11?
      6) Can one of the young guys step up and contribute in the bullpen?
      7) More series like this one, and JL is sure to go.
      8) Will Inge set the all-time Tiger strike-out record?
      9) What do we do at SS? I think Santiago is easily exposed when he plays too much, but is Peralta the answer? Or should we re-up Peralta b/c he’s good enough, and worry about C, 3B, LF and the bullpen?
      10) Can Avila separate himself from Laird?

        1. I said COMPELLING. 😉

          1) No
          2) Yes, proven already
          3) No
          4) Yes, proven already
          5) No
          6) No
          7) No – I wish, but No.
          8) Ha Ha
          9) Not what we’re doing this year.
          10) More importantly, can Avila seperate himself from St. Pierre.

          How do you get the smiley face with sunglasses?

            1. Actually, Raburn is our LF next year. So ignore that portion of #9. Though Raburn, Jackson, Boesch doesn’t really give us a sure-fire 25/100 OF like most teams have. Possibly, but not a sure thing.

              Raburn had a .963 OPS in August. Sick.

              1. He was hot at the end of last season too. It’s the rest of the season I worry about. If they could just leave him in Toledo through the AS break……..

            2. Illitch said he’s back. I may question his wisdom, but not his integrity. I think JL is back to finish off the contract.

  6. You have to give Rhymes credit, at least he induced the same sort of error that he made.

    Let’s see how the team does now without that dead weight Cabrera in the lineup.

    For one thing I predict no IBB, = < LOB.

  7. Tigers make an error, Twins take advantage by scoring 3 runs.
    Twins make an error, Tigers take advantage by scoring 0 runs.

    Its all so predictable.

  8. The only big question remaining tonight is whether or not “Rusty” Valverde gets to put some work in, and secondarily, does he just pitch the 8th or come in for the last out of the 7th too.

  9. It hurts losing Zumaya, and really really losing Seay, but I’ve got to add my 2 cents here: it also hurts losing the much-unappreciated Zach “Looks Like a Rabbit” Miner. Down the stretch last season he was the one Tiger trending upwards, and was part of the potent Bominer middle relief combo.

    1. Agreed all the way around. Before tonight, our last 5 losses had all been in 1 run games (or something like that). Close game losses are usually the fault of the bullpen.

      There could be a lot to like about this team next year. I would really like it if Smokey weren’t at the top step.

      1. Really, without this terrible bullpen I think we would still be in this race, despite all the other problems.

        I haven’t looked at any numbers, but they seem to be losing us a lot of games.

      2. Leyland can’t manage a bullpen for S**T – never could. Over the course of a long season this can take a toll. They may be worn down. It’s funny, up til last season, the guy was more likely to leave pitchers in too long and frequently not have anyone warmng up in crucial situations. Last year that changed – he started changing pitchers faster than he could light up another smoke. This year he has been even worse.

        1. I can barely manage my fantasy bullpen, so I’m no expert, but yeah, JL is freakin’ nuts. (“I manage a baseball team. Oh like little league? No fantasy.”)

          But anyway, I remember that we had the best bullpen in the AL through May, and one of the best at the AS break. Does anyone know where to lookup bullpen splits?

          We do lead the AL with only 9 BS…

  10. Twins are putting on a clinic tonight. Is anybody in Tiger management watching? My guess is that this stuff slides right by JL, but how about somebody higher up?

  11. You’re not, you’re not good. Ramon, you stink.

    I’m gonna guess Coleman gets that reference first.

  12. Finally they take advantage of a mistake.

    I like Rhymes so far, but the sample size is pretty small and he doesn’t have any power. He should have a good shot at making it as a reserve though. That’s no small thing for this team, which IMO has had a weak bench for years.

    Oh no, Figaro in 🙁

  13. Can you believe that a team with Denard Span and Alexi Casilla at the top of their lineup is 21 games over .500? 21 games???!!!

    1. That would be a good name for the bar he’s gonna own with Ozzie Guillen and the rest of the White Sox.

  14. Vince – good point about Raburn. Probably why I was so high on him coming into this season. Where can we lookup historical splits?

        1. As I recall, last year the feeling was that Raburn had “breakout” year – if a reserve who gets about 300 or so PA can be said to have such a season. He certainly is turning it on now after a horrible start. However, he really hasn’t proved himself as a full time player yet and the jury is still probably out as a role player too. The danger is in projecting his sporadic part time success to a full time role: see gerald Laird.

  15. I say next year let’s go with a Raburn-Boesch platoon. Not righty-lefty; I mean play Boesch April – June, Raburn July – September

  16. One thing we could watch for is how Wells does the rest of the way. I thought he was kind of on the down side of the bubble after ST, but he seems to have made some adjustments in Toledo as the year went on – hopefully some of that willl transfer to MLB.

      1. Virtually impossible to buy tickets for good seats – foul territory in the OF corners doesn’t count. You need to know someone who can get you comps – and I don’t. It looks like it should be a good park though. A friend of mine managed to get decent comp seats for the upcoming KC series and I’ll find out more from him. The Dome was a monstrosity.

        1. Looks to be a nice park–I’m a big fan of upper decks. Only complaint I have are the flowers lining the left field wall– what the hell is that about?

  17. I was pretty hopeful about Casper until yesterday. I was watching the game with a girl who doesn’t watch baseball, and I said oh Casper is up and I want to watch this. Then she said, hmm he kind of has a tragic face, like Liam Neeson or something. I’ve learned not to discount these types of observations.

    1. I’ve also learned a few things watching the Tigers with my girlfriend.

      Boesch is ‘cute’
      Cabrera is ‘big’
      Rhymes: ‘ewwww… what is that. that haircut is gross’
      Scherzer is ‘intense’

      And the one insightful comment I heard, in regards to Rod and Mario:
      ‘these guys sound like they are stupid’

      She knows more about baseball than I do.

    2. Women are more attuned to this sort of thing than men, generally. You can score very important “sensitivity” points by pretending to agree/understand what they are talking about.

  18. I’m thinking about a “meet the DTW faithful” series in the off-season. I mean, isn’t everyone else curious about what Coleman does with the other 21 hours of his day?

  19. Rhymes with his eww hair is apparently the anti-Everett, who it seems had awesome hair.

    The anti-Everett…one more point in favor of keeping Wee Willie.

  20. You’re assuming I have any idea what I do with the other 21 hours of my day. In fact I suspect my days are shorter than the standard 24 hours.

    1. Exactly the type of answer which furthers the notion that my “Meet the DTW Faithful” series would get off to a roaring start.

  21. Well we would have to meet at a central spot, since we are from Detroit, Texas, California, Minnesota, etc. Which begs the question: what is there to do in western Iowa anyway?

    1. Speaking of burning through the bullpen, with Gardenhire out, whoever has taken ove managerial duties for the Twins is runnig through their pen too – Duensing just started vs Tigers onTuesday!


  22. Oh, I think I could certainly find my way to the way though, what ever happened to What’s-His-Name In Vegas?

  23. I have no stats on what happens if you bring in Valverde in the 11th…although I doubt anything could be as bad as bringing him in in the 8th…

  24. SAT question for you:
    Which of the equations below is most like this one


    a) # of fat calories in a Little Caesar’s hot & ready
    b) Shawn Kemp’s baby-momma to children ratio vs. Travis Henry’s
    c) Tigers RISP v. Twins RISP
    d) JL smoke burn rates to Cabby Tecate burn rates

  25. Have any of the additional players arrived yet for the expanded roster? What relief itchers are being added?

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