Game 2010.119: Tigers at Yankees

The reception for Damon last night at Yankee stadium was one of the coolest moments of the season.  Do you want him back? (make sure you check out the video in that link if you didn’t see it last night).  He seems to know his place on the team, and I think he’s been a great influence in the clubhouse.  For the right price, I’d love to keep him as our fourth outfielder.

Here’s a little follow-up on the Granderson/Jackson debate from last night.  I also like how one New York paper compared the Bronx Bombers to the “Golden Girls” after last night’s game. Finally, ARod looks to be a game-time decision, please post if you hear something.

JV is my Tiger tonight.  We could really use a dominating (Scherzer-like) performance out of him.

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  1. Pass on Damon. The Tigers need to get younger, not older. Go after Crawford and then worry about the 4th OF.

  2. I read recently that Damon considers himself a part-time coach. I wonder how much he actually contributes. Sure, Crawford can put up bigger numbers, about 28 other teams want him too, though.

  3. Looks like a quick exit for JV tonight. More balls than strickes. He has to throw about 30 strikes in a row to get back to a 2 to 1 ratio.

    1. He seems to be the “whipping boy” at this point of the season. He’s still a good catcher and when he goes to another team, he’ll start to hit again. That’s how it is on this team.

        1. People talk about him like a joke I’ll bet next year he’ll start hitting again with a different team. This team is a reflection of our manager.

      1. Alas, Laird hasn’t anywhere as his .655 OPS indicate. He may hit .240 for someone next year, but that ain’t really hitting.

      2. In an 8 year career, Laird has “hit” in one season as a semi-regular (344 AB) and one season as a backup (243 AB). The rest of the time he has been a pretty poor hitter. Lifetime .241 BA with .300 OBP (!) in over 1800 AB doesn’t indicate much possibility for a “comeback”.

        1. Guess I just don’t understand all the hate directed at him. He is not the only one underperforming.

          1. Kathy, I don’t see it so much as hate as disappointment in the fact that he probably isn’t underperforming- this might be close to the best he can do. There were many who questioned DD’s wisdom in signing Laird as the full-time catcher last year (based on his history) and to a large degree that view has been justified. In my view, Laird is a reflection of DDs and JLs (they are in this together, tied at the wrist and ankles) poor decision making. However, they did not suddenly turn Laird into a lousy hitter who will thrive elsewhere. The fact is he is just not a good hitter.

  4. CC delivers his all time best pitches to the future player of the game (Ted Williams) Brandon Inge.

    1. Inge still on pace to become Tigers all-time strikeout leader the last weekend of the season. Please don’t waive him!

  5. Does anybody else get the feeling that having Boesch “tough it out” and “play through it” is really a kind of sadistic punishment on the part of Leyland? Or is it just my Catholic upbringing peeking through (the Spanish Inquisition).

  6. Vince: I’m not sure, but I do know that I would choose the humiliation of the golden sombrero rather than face the wrath of Sister Marie Elizabeth.

  7. OK, this image of Leyland and Dombrowski tied together at the wrist and ankles is making me uncomfortable.

  8. OK, Flourange is a cool name (albeit suspiciously French). But Sister M.E. would still kick her…um, kick her donkey.

  9. Speaking of strikeouts, the boys seem to be fanning the breeze a lot lately. In the last ten games: 11, 5, 5, 13, 10, 5, 7, 15, 9, 11, with 7 in 6 innings tonight. Seems like a lot to me, but maybe that is a fairly normal distribution.

  10. Brandon “P.O.G.” Inge!

    He has already set the franchise POG record, and is on the verge of setting the franchise combined record for POG / HR / K.

  11. Well, no matter how this game turns out, the good news is that CLE is beating KC. The bad news is that CLE is beating KC. Of course if KC comes back to win, the good news will become the bad news and the bad news will become the good news.

    According to Donald Rumsted.

  12. We have to face facts. We do not have near the talent that other teams have. That has to be on DD. I think both DD + JL will be gone next year. We have had a ridiculous number of bad signings and way too many guys leave detroit + do much better elsewhere. Also, JV is not an ace. Boesch is in way over his head. I could go on but we are basically a minor league talent level team.

  13. I doubt you will see an end to the Ole Smokey and DD era until the end of next season at best. Mr. I is a man of his word and has already promised both a job for next year.

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