Game 2010.067: Diamondbacks at Tigers

The Tigers finally get to resume their natural rivalry with their geographical cousins, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Kind of weird to have both Dontrelle Willis and Armando Galarraga starting in the same game huh?

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  1. I have a bad feeling that Dontrelle pitches a two-hit complete game shut out with him giving up 10 walks and the Tigers grounding into 6 double plays.

    1. I’m not sure even Dontrelle can manage 10 walks against Detroit, we don’t exacty walk a lot…the double plays I’ll buy though

      1. Dontrelle regularly throws over players heads and into the opposite batters box. It might be tempting to Laird, but perhaps even he can lay off those pitches. Perhaps.

  2. This should be an automatic win for the Tigers. We’re still paying Willis’ salary, so he should be required to help us out in the best way he can. For him, that would be pitching for the other team against us.

    1. Ah, but as Leyland says “it isn’t who you play, it’s when you play them.” Whatever that means.

  3. The Arizona lineup should be more of a challenge to our pitching staff than the Buccos or Gnats.

  4. this is going to be way more weird than if it were just another traded pitcher…..won’t it?

  5. and Avila is hitting against the LH Willis because???? Smokey…. oh darn! I picked up the wrong Kinko’s pre printed lineup and it’s too hard to change this lineup………or just because he SHOULD be playing more!

  6. nice to see nothing’s changed: D-train wild all over the place. Thankfully, he’s wearing different colors now….let’s be very patient: if we give him enough rope, he’ll hang himself for sure….

  7. That’s 9 errors for Cabrera this year already. But I suppose his superior range factor offsets that.

    1. A couple of those were, imo, not errors. Thought for sure 1 or 2 would be changed. I guess being extra hard on him will make him a better 1st baseman.

  8. I’m starting to warm towards this new Raburn…well maybe not warm but at least out of the freezer……

    1. It would be nice to get out of this inning without any more runs, especially considering: Don Kelly, batting 4th…

  9. You could almost see that coming with Galarraga – lots of pitches and not a great ball-to strike ratio.

  10. If you take away the occasional wild outing, Thomas has actually been pretty good. Especially lately.

  11. Credit also to Boesch for working the BB, and for Cap’n Smokey for putting on the hit-and-run and keeping the GIDP monster away.

    Wow, and Worth can bunt! Whaddya know!

    B.O.O.B. rally!

  12. Who says Tiger fans don’t have a sense of humor–for once Inge is maybe actually the player of the game, and he may end up losing it to Ordonez

    1. I hope Edwin temporarily misplaces his.

      We also get to find out if Kong Kelly will be batting 4th tomorrow.

  13. Thank god we don’t have to look at Dontrell’s mug again. Armando says it was so “hot” he just felt weak. What if this was the WS? What would he say then.

    1. I hope it isn’t 91 in late October or early November. If so, the World Series will be the least of our concerns.

      1. Last year , JV lost to Saint Louis . He pitched 2 inn . Why? It was hot and wet. He said he was worn outJoel Piñero passed out the next game and was taken in arms out of the field. Perfecto is from Cumana hot but dry and salty , more or less like California or Florida in the coast

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