Game 2010.058: Tigers at White Sox

Rick Porcello takes on Freddy Garcia as the Tigers gave themselves two shots at winning their first 3 game road series since, umm, the first series of the year.

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  1. I seem to remember that you used to post lineups with these game posts. Did that end at some point or am I remembering a different blog? Is this now just basically a placeholder to draw people together to discuss the game in the comments? I don’t mean to sound antagonistic so I apologize if I do; I’m just curious. I used to actually look for these posts before games because there was usually content.

    1. One of the readers usually posts them pretty quickly. I’ll take that tonight.

      Jackson CF
      Damon DH
      Raburn LF
      Carbrera 1B
      Boesch RF
      Guillen 2B
      Inge 3B
      Avila C
      Worth SS

    2. Rash –

      You’re right. The game posts used to be much more robust. It’s a matter of time for me right now. I get up before 5am. Get home from work and have 10 minutes combined to eat dinner, change clothes, and do a game post before heading out to either manage my daughter’s baseball team or coach my son’s baseball team. And lately it’s been a game or practice every single night for at least one of my kids.

      I feel bad about it, but that’s pretty much my life right now. Post games have ceased because I don’t sit down for the night until after 9 and I’m just too tired.

  2. really?!? since their first road series of the year? that’s surprising, I thought we had actually been pretty decent on the road this year.

  3. Supposedly Maggs’ injury was not serious and he’ll be playing tomorrow…which is a relief, because “batting 3rd, Ryan Raburn” are not words I want to hear every day

  4. So, this isn’t Tigers related but what do you guys think about the conference realignments for the NCAA? I was hoping that the Big 10 was going to be able to grab Texas and Oklahoma but it looks like they are headed out west to the Pac 10. Essentially, the Big 12 is dead and the movement of these teams is really going to change the landscape of college football/basketball, hopefully forcing Notre Dame’s hand to move to the Big 10…

    1. And now its being reported that on top of Nebraska joining the Big 10 that Notre Dame, Rutgers, Syracuse and Maryland are also going to join. Crazy.

    2. That’s astonishing…as was just hearing Rod say that Freddy Garcia and Miguel Cabrera are “frenemies.”

  5. And now it’s like batting practice on Porcello…WTF?

    Time to watch the Hawks/Flyers.

  6. I gotta wonder what the **** Leyland is thinking about. You could see Porcello was done 2 batters before that HR. Yet, Leyland sits on his duff in the dugout. I’ve never appreciated Leyland’s handling of the pitching staff; I think it’s his biggest flaw. At any rate, this game is over…..unless the bats come alive. And we still gotta get out of this inning…… 🙁

  7. How many more starts until Ricky gets sent to the Mud Hens?? He hasn’t pitched very well at all, even the starts where he gave up two or three runs he didn’t look great. Starting pitching will be our downfall this year.

    1. Yeah, his stuff, a heavy sinker, plus fastball, is just too good, or at least it was last year. I have not seen him much this year. He has some mechanical issues/tipping pitches/lack of confidence right now that a stint down with the Hens may cure. 8 earned runs in 3 innings of work against a light-hitting team, and his recent lines with other teams, is just not cutting it.

      1. He’s had different issues at different points. Tonight his control was fine, but his command was awful. He had no breaking pitch and despite a wide strike zone just pumped fastballs right through the heart of the plate instead of working the corners.

        1. It does seem like that. He had a great game against the Yankees, but yet throws up some stinkers against other teams. It may very well be his off-speed stuff. I am not concerned so much with his low strike-out numbers because as a sinker baller he should be pitching to contact (albeit painting the black and not over the heart like you said). But his numbers thus far this season just don’t reflect the quality of his stuff.

        2. I said last year that he doesn’t strike out enough hitters to be an elite pitcher in the AL. He’s got to come up with some kind of strikeout pitch or he will never be what we hope he will be (a consistent 17 game winner). Right now I think I’d rather see Bonine get a couple of starts and see Porcello go down to Toledo to work on fixing whatever is wrong with him (in a less pressurized environment).

  8. How great has Eddie Bonine been for us, huh? I mean, along with Miggy, Valverde, Boesch and A-Jax, Eddie arguably has been one of our 5 best players this year! Please tell me he throws his knuckler on a consistent basis. Love the knuckler.

  9. Man, Porcello looked fine before I went out to dinner. Games like this is why I don’t care about run differential. We can win a dozen 1 run game, then lose one game 15-3 and our run differential will be 0. Time to win a dozen games in a row now. We got the horses to do it.

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