sregiT ta s’A: 940.0102 emaG

Ugh. Four game losing streak. Yucky funk. Time for backwards post title. Max Scherzer and Dallas Braden on the bump today. Pull up a radio and listen as you head up north or sit around the grill.

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      1. Just what a rookie needs: platoon him so he feels the need to press rather than just see ball, hit ball.

    1. Couple of fairly tough lefties the last two days (although Boesch did just fine against Sabathia and Lester), so Leyland probably wants to get Raburn some ABs as well since he actually hit pretty well in Toledo.

  1. Isn’t having Raburn bat 5th sort of like having Inge bat 5th? Never mind, Ryan just answered my question.

  2. I wrote yesterday about how ecstatic I was that Leyland was following Cabrera with a .196 hitter. Even more so today with a .186 hitter. I’ve always said the best place for a .350 power hitter is on the bench, which is where Boesch is apparently condemned.

  3. Scherzer has the heat today – throwing 94-97 on the FB. That should make the changeup more effective too. It would be nice to get 7 innings out of him today.

  4. Dang I thought this was really some kind of error post and I was looking forward to coming up with a relevant comment that would fit with the random alphanumeric data that was generated for the post title. Sometimes it’s best to not overanalyze things huh? And WOW I typed the word “overanalyze” simultaneously to when Impemba just said the exact same thing during my DVR catchup replay here in the 2nd inning!! lol

  5. No sooner do I question BInge’s ability to hit 5th than he makes it look like he should be hitting 5th

  6. Braden obviously doesn’t have it today. When was the last time Inge/Laird went 4 for 4?

  7. Scherzer threw too many pitches. Send him back to Toledo where he can learn to pitch to contact ;).

  8. nice win but when your 4 hitter has 8 RBI in three games you should be able to win more than 1 out of 3

    1. Cabrera’s good for about half the offense. What happens when the opposition just stops pitching to him? Where is the protection?

  9. Who is keeping stats on the billfer slumpbuster header success rate? Baseball Reference has got nothin’

  10. Maybe it was true that Scherzer was just throwing out of the wrong arm slot. We all saw what happened last year when Verlander found the proper slot after an awful 2008 season. I hope we can tack today’s success to the pitching coach who, so far, seems to find problems quickly and fix them The recent improvements with Bonderman and Porcello only reinforce this belief. Let’s hope it continues.

    Secondly, Miguel Cabrera is insanely good. I hope all the people who claimed he was a fat, lazy, entitled drunk are eating their words. Not only is he a hall-of-fame caliber hitter, he is baseball smart. He knows what a pitcher will throw him before they do. Watching him hit is truly a treat. In my 27 years, I have never seen a better Tigers hitter. I have a feeling that one day he will make Magglio’s 2007 and Fielder’s 1990 and 1991 look silly.

  11. A request: if Max ever has an outing like this again, someone in the crowd should start chanting, a la the movie Gladiator – “Max-i-mus! Max-i-mus! Max-i-mus!” Then, when he’s got a critical 3-2 count, give the batter a thumbs down. Then when Max K’s him, he can amp up the crowd and shout “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?”. That would basically have Mario and Rod going for the rest of the season, and I would love it.

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