Game 2010.050: A’s at Tigers

The Tigers are trying to salvage a split in their 4 game set with the A’s. They’ll send Justin Verlander out to do battle with Trevor Cahill.

Verlander was quite good in his last outing against the Mariners, but was knocked around a little in the 8th inning leading to a loss. He did manage to give up just his 4th and 5th homers of the season. He started in Oakland a week ago and pitched the Tigers only complete game of the season, a 4 hit, 1 run effort.

Cahill has thrown quality starts in his last 3 outings, and was 1 out short of making it 4 in a row. He faced Detroit twice last season. The first time he was rocked, and the second he went 7 innings and allowed just 2 runs. He only has 17 strikeouts in 35 innings this season, but he’s managed a 3.31 ERA. This is despite allowing 6 homers. Lefties only are OPSing .580 against him this season. This is likely a fluke as they hit him well over 800 last season.

And before I forget. Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. A heart felt thanks goes out to all the men and women who make this day and this country what it is.

Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers – May 31, 2010 – Preview

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  1. Don Kelly to lead off today instead of A-Jax. Apparently baseball is much more tiring than we’ve been led to believe. Let’s keep resting our .330 hitters, Jimmy.

  2. Not the start I was expecting from Verlander today…maybe the extra three hour delay got to him a bit. If he can turn it around and get through seven before the rain comes again it’ll be a great start all things considered.

  3. R3L2O Fail.

    That’s the 4th K for Damon already this season with R3L2O–in 13 PA.

    What’s up with that? He’s supposed to be good at that sort of thing. (Damon combined 2007-2009 K with R3L2O: 4).

  4. Looks to be one of those games. This guy keeps giving us chances, and we keep letting him off the hook.

  5. It’s doubly frustrating because you look at this match-up and the fact that we’re at home, and you figure this should be a pretty easy win. I was hoping this run of being snake bit was coming to a close.*

    *The above comment in no way expresses a belief that this game was over in the 5th inning.

  6. Radar’s showing the rain isn’t too far away now. Would hate to see a game called early!

  7. Cahill seems to be taking one out of the Dontrelle playbook here. How has this guy not given up a run yet?

  8. The Tiger bats better wake up quickly! It would be a shame to loose this well pitched game by JV.

  9. Verlander’s come back very nicely so far…too bad his teammates forgot how to hit.

  10. they have put more energy into arguing with the umpire than hitting the baseball.One of those swing just to swing days we see way too often

  11. The A’s are running out a Triple A lineup. That lineup is horrible. How are we losing to this team? How are they in first in the West?

  12. You know, why not just let Avila hit? He was 2 for 2. Is playing the matchup really going to make any difference when the guy you’re sending to the plate is Laird. That is just stupid. Maybe Jimmy was just avoiding the double play, knowing that Laird would strike out.

  13. It would be nice if we didn’t have so many blackholes in this lineup on a daily basis….Catcher…Third Base…Short Stop….

    1. I don’t disagree in general, but catcher and third base have 4 of the 7 hits today.

      1. I’m mostly going with the fact that their season averages combine to be about .200…Certainly hasn’t helped in this recent slump…

  14. I know that Rajai Davis is the enemy and all, but stealing second and third base on two pitches kind of excites me.

  15. It will be funny to see KC dole out 8 mil a year for Raijai’s services in a few years.

  16. The A’s seem to always try and get an ‘extra’ out from their bullpen, lets see if this bites them in the butt.

  17. It seems like most of the Tigers are playing today like they were hoping the game was a rainout and they are just going through the motions.

    1. I think Oakland played with more heart this series and that is why they won. It is probably because their players make less money and care more.

      1. Sarcasm?

        It has been my experience that those who make the most money care more about their job.

  18. The Oakland Athletics. Worst team in baseball with a winning record. And we got killed by them this week.

    This last week is the first time I’ve felt truly discouraged this season. The twins have Liriano going tonight against Fister so we’re all likely to wake up tomorrow 4-1/2 back.

    1. Don’t worry about the Twins. They’re a better team right now. Concern yourself with the Tigers getting better and playing good baseball. It does us no good to worry about the team ahead of us if we can’t get out of our own way. 9 games in the division coming up so let’s see where we are at that point going into interleague play.

    1. I just read that rumor, but the source I saw says nothing about them wanting him, it implied that they did want him in the past but not present day. Meaning we had a window to part ways with him and didn’t pull the trigger, probably just a disagreement about the buyout price. DD saw too much value in getting lucky with Dontrelle that he decided to throw more bad money at good, which is what we are doing on a daily basis with a ton of players. DD is like a glorified drug junkie and unable to help himself, and thus all of us around him have to suffer.

      1. TSE,

        If you are as enlightened as you seem to imply, surely you jest when you blame DD for your suffering. An island, such as yourself, would not stoop to emotional enslavement from another, correct? That’s simply too irrational.

        1. On the contrary, in this reality that we exist, our lives can ultimately be perceived to be better or worse simply by the actions of another that you have no control over.

          1. That all may be true, but I still can’t believe the A’s bunted in the first inning of Friday’s game. That certainly was an action that reduced my quality of life.

            1. Eh gads, that finale really burned me. The part that got me the most is how so many people were saying it was the best finale ever when it was the worst ending to a big TV show of all-time. I don’t think I ever imagined or expected that I could possibly have been more disappointed, they really put one over on me. God it was so awful. Six years of being able to visually live through essentially a state of purgatory, but when it all wraps up we can’t get 1 second of footage or answers regarding the big questions in life.

              o me the show was about being one big con job; a way to experience a televised reality of being all built up only to get bilked at the end for the benefit of somebody else’s twisted guilty pleasure. It’s like a metaphor for life, brilliantly ironic.

    2. He just bought a home in Phoenix (with our money). The water in the Great Lakes stays here, D-Train.

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