Game 2009.075: Tigers at Astros

PREGAME: The Tigers will lean on Edwin Jackson to try and avoid being swept in Houston. Jackson has been a little afflicted by the walk phenomenon that is spreading like swine flu through the Tigers clubhouse with 10 free passes in his last 3 games.

Russ Ortiz has some pretty dramatic reverse platoon splits with an 840 OPS against for right handers and 663 for left handers.

Detroit vs. Houston – June 28, 2009 | Gameday

POSTGAME: I missed this entire game live. I was at an outdoor thing, and was limited to updates on the Blackberry. The offense looked pretty frustrating from that regard. We were in the car on the way home for the 9th inning and the family let out a huge yelp in the car. When I got home I saw the Cliff Notes version I DVR’d. Not as dramatic but just as satisfying as seeing it live.

A loss today wouldn’t have been the end of the world. The Tigers still have a cushion in the division. It would have been frustrating but I think the team would have coped with it better than the fan base who’s emotions are tied to the mini winning losing streaks the team takes them on, only with a multiplicative factor.

That said, if this season turns out the way we’re all hoping for, the Inge homer could be one of the defining moments. The unexpected star put the team on his back and limping them home on an injured knee. Marcus Thames and Curtis Granderson get to be the supporting cast where Granderson and IngeĀ  pound it out for the team lead in homers and Thames is one strike from capping a sweep and ends up scoring the tying run.

In other words, the win is likely bigger than the loss would have been.