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  1. This seems like as good a place as any to share these stats:

    Chris Shelton 2009 ST stats with the Mariners:
    23-for-50 for a .460 average. OBP: .523, SLG: 720, OPS: 1.243. 3 HR, 4 2B, 8 BB vs. 4 SO.

    Holy crap. Streakiest player I can ever remember. Despite those stats, he was reportedly assigned to AAA. Obviously, the Tigers don’t need him, but someone should use him while he’s hot.

  2. It sounds like Shelton’s situation is a lot like the first spring where him and Casey were both in camp. If they would’ve chosen Shelton, they would have lost Casey and been vulnerable to a Shelton injury. So despite Shelton seeming more deserving, they went with Casey and stashed Shelton in AAA.

    Mass replace Casey with Sweeney in that scenario and I think you have his new situation in Seattle.

  3. As for opening day tickets, even $100 seems high. I can usually find a scalper near the stadium selling for much less. It’s hit or miss, though, so if you want a guaranteed ticket, I guess you have to pay a higher price.

    1. Thanks Mark. That’s what I get for writing from memory instead of looking it up. So his views on Hugo Chavez probably had no impact on this decision.

  4. Shelton has always hit, throughout his pro career, save the big slump after he got homer happy in ’06 and had to work out of his mental funk. He’s actually not streaky at all…he has over 6 season hitting .300+, including last year. So long as he’s back to using all fields, like he did except for his “lost” seasons ’06-’07, he’ll hit wherever he plays.
    I wish him luck!

  5. rings,

    the stats dont back you up here…

    Shelton hit .216 in 97 AB last year for Texas.

    He didn’t break into the majors in ’07 (hit .269 in Toledo w/14 HR).

    In 2006, he hit a respectable-sounding .273 for the Tigers, but that includes his super-human April, when he went 30-of-92 w/10 HR to hit .326. He had another solid month that year — July — when he hit .289, but he managed just 1 HR that month. June and September were awful.

    In 2005, he looked like a star in the making, hitting .299 and 18 hr for Detroit.

    In ’04, he hit just .196 in sporadic duty, with 1 HR in 46 AB.

    Hardly a model of consistency. Very streaky.

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