Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – 12.08.08

A very impromptu episode of DTW Live as we look at the day that was on the Tigers hot stove.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for watching. The archived version is below:

With an fairly exciting, or at least productive, day of the winter meetings in the books, I look at the impact of the Everett and Laird deals and speculate about how the Tigers will spend the rest of their money. There is also an extended question and answer session and I get mocked about my choice of beer.

You can leave comments in the video if you like, just click that little plus sign in the player and the comment goes right at the specific point where you hit the plus.

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2 thoughts on “Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – 12.08.08”

  1. I am 99% sure it’s “Putts.”

    Guillen is -3.2 in his time at 3rd by UZR … equates out to -5 over 150 games.

    I heard that Danny Cabrera from Baltimore could be non-tendered. Would you take a flier on him? At the worst, he can be in Toledo depending on the market for him.

    And you did defend the Michelob. C’mon, Bill. 😉 …I think Bill just challenged Willis to a Mickey Ultra drinking contest, too.

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