Game 140: Angels at Tigers

PREGAME: An afternoon delight today as the Angels leave town. It will be Kenny Rogers and Ervin Santana doing battle today. The last time Rogers faced the Angels he shut them out for 7 innings and held them to 5 hits. The last time Santana faced the Tigers he held them to 2 runs on 3 hits in 9 innings. Santana’s numbers are pretty filthy of late, with 4 straight quality starts and a 33:4 K:BB ratio over the last 28.1 innings.

Sheffield’s shoulder is barking so Magglio will DH. Mike Hessman returns to third base. One other note from Beck’s pregame blog: Dusty Ryan hit the Charlie Gehringer statue during batting practice. That’s a long freakin’ ways from home plate.

LAA @ DET, Thursday, September 4, 2008 Game Preview –

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  1. Passed ball by Inge. Don’t see that too often.

    Angels DP on a liner to 3B! Did it look as spectacular as it read?

  2. Go to the ESPN MLB Scoreboard page and look at the headshot of Teixeira. I’ll have to give him credit for having such a successful career in spite of his Down’s Syndrome.

  3. Rivera doubles, Hunter scores, 2-0 Angels. Every hit so far looks about knee-high over the plate on Gameday.

  4. At the beginning of this season I never thought I’d be counting the days until it was finally over. This is brutal. It’s a beautiful day and I didn’t even bother to walk over to the game.

  5. Wood flies out to the track in right and there is one out. This just isn’t looking good at all so far.

  6. Ha ha. Rivera took 3rd on the fly, and I didn’t see how Rogers was going to get out of the inning without another run, but Mathis bunts foul to Inge and Rivera is doubled off 3B. Nice. Cool. Kenny catches a break when the Angels get too clever.

  7. Thames grounds out to 3B, ending the inning, wasting Ham Sandwich’s double. Thames is a bum. I’ve always said so.

    2-0 Angels after 2. Please, Kenny. Pretend it’s the Yankees.

  8. Well, Gameday is its usual balky self, but things have picked up where they left off, apparently. 2 on and none out for Quinlan already.

    If the bats wake up, this is the kind of funky Rogers start that is winnable despite all. But I have a bad feeling.

  9. Well, it’s 4-0 Angels, somehow, Rogers out. 11 batters faced, 8 hits. Hang it up, bud.

    But AQUILINO is in! All is well, and all is well, and all manner of things are well. No more than 4 runs will score before the 7th.

  10. Well at least Jimmuh had the common sense to get Kenny the eff out of there before the damage became too severe. I’m going to eat lunch now. I hope it’s not 11-0 by the time I get back.

  11. haha Mario said it’s like a “merry-go-round for the Angels today” explains why I’m getting nauseous

  12. OK. These overpaid fat cats suck. And don’t bother me. I’m still in mourning for the good old days when these guys had two jobs and had to work for a living and were basically slaves to the massuh. Now that was baseball.

  13. Aquilino is at 70 pitches after a masterful 9-pitch K of fearsome Brandon Wood. 2 outs. 1st and 3rd. 6-0 Angels.

  14. What happened? It’s still only 6-0 Angels, and Tigers are up with 2 outs. Grandy up. Triple?? Please. Give us a reason to live.

  15. Obviously this lineup can’t do anything without Sheffield in it. He strikes fear into the opponent by his very presence.

  16. Ooof. Thus ends the threat of the day, 1st and 2nd with 0 out evaporating just like that. Matt Joyce’s Gameday smile is endearing when he gets a hit or walks. Very dopey otherwise.

    Nice try, Edgo. At least you put it in the outfield.

  17. If Aquilino Lopez thinks he can court favor with me by striking out Vlad Guererro and otherwise retiring the Angels in order, he’s dead wrong. I’ve already traded him.

    I’ll reconsider if he changes his name to Aqualeon.

  18. 6-0 Angels, then, after 5. Based on 2008 results, odds of a Tigers win hover around 0%. Where is Sky when we need an injection of good cheer?

  19. We have about five people that only pop in after a loss. I wonder if they’re like that in other facets of life

  20. So Maggs and Joyce team up to waste 2 hits. But they’re playing Jeff Beck’s “Freeway Jam” on the radio, so I’m doing OK.

    After 6, Tigers down by 6 en route to shutout #12.

  21. *deep breath*

    It’s about time we saw some good pitching from Robertson. Really. I mean, the guy doesn’t stink, hasn’t lost it completely. Does he? Has he?

    Whoa, “Free Will” by Rush. I’m in heaven!

  22. “We have about five people that only pop in after a loss. I wonder if they’re like that in other facets of life”

    I’ve noticed, but I don’t fault them completely. There’s a need to vent when the Tigers do badly. When the Tigers do well, it just seems like you’re pointing out the obvious when you say things like “nice job by Cabrera with the 4 RBI!”

  23. Well, Tigers are still down 6-0 after a 7th inning it seems I might as well have missed. I just hope Thames or Hessman or both hit a HR. I’d gladly settle for that. Cabrera, even.

  24. OK, Nate gives up a HR – to center field – to Torii Hunter. 7-0. OK, Nate, now we remember who you are. Thanks for reminding us.

  25. Well, Brandon took that ball for a ride, but it’s center field at Comerica.

    Yes! Granderson takes it out to right-center! On the board! Erwig is tired.

  26. Meaning to continue the joke, I came upon an astounding fact: The White Sox have also been shut out 11 times.

  27. Dusty Ryan appearance — he’s making a one-inning debut, apparently. Rod has already complimented the young man for having a “nice profile”.

  28. “FSN has now focused on a squirrel on top of the centerfield fence for about twenty seconds.”

    That’s why I hate Gameday. Couldn’t they at least put up a little fake graphic squirrel? I never know what’s going on.

  29. Robertson, with 2 outs and none on in the top of the 9th, is threatening to stymie our supply of bullpen joke material.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Dusty Ryan, provided he’s due up.

    Robertson retires the side. What’s the use? There’s no humor in 7 runs. It’s so ordinary.

  30. I’m going to watch the recording of the game when I get home just to see the squirrel. How pathetic is that?

  31. Yes, the 11 White Sox shutouts (against) was real. The Twins have been shut out 7 times.

    Edgar, hanging tough with Joyce on 1B and 0 out. Be a hero, Edgo.

  32. Marcus pops out to 3B after the Edgo K. Pitch #3 to Thames looked like the kind he would have parked in June.

  33. “I will not accept anything less than six runs from Hessman in this single at bat.’

    Took the words out of my mouth. He WAS in the Olympics, after all.

  34. YES! Mike Hessman has given me the will to live for at least one more day! Even if Joyce didn’t score, lousy bum.

  35. cib; maybe you should of gone to the game today. Possibly could of seen the squirrel up close and personal

  36. Well, what can we take away from this one? Um… well, they could just leave Hessman at 3B the rest of the season. I’d be more than fine with that.

    Pretty good long relief, except for Lopez in the 3rd.

    Um… no, there’s nothing more good to say. Let the mocking begin.

    How can they play like this after such a great game yesterday? Blecch.

    I would like to ask Gary Sheffield if he was being platooned today, though.

  37. Amanda: ‘cib; maybe you should of gone to the game today. Possibly could of seen the squirrel up close and personal”

    Not too close though, in case Amanda gets bored and tries to see if she can pick it off from where she sits with her hunting rifle.

  38. If we try real hard, we can make it to 100 posts, thus playing a little joke on those unaware that nothing of any interest whatsoever happened during this game. Maybe I should say “if I try real hard,” since 75 of them are mine.

    The joke would appear to be on me.

  39. haha Coleman My duck call leaves a lot to be desired.. ducks have been known to drown themselves, that being said.. I’m a pretty good marksman err woman thus the choice of occupation 😉
    *9 more posts to 100*

  40. Do the Tigers have a day off tomorrow? Next game Sat @ 3:30 against the Twins? just checking
    *8 more to 100 *

  41. I’ll have to check on this, but it seems that almost every time the Tigers have played the Twins, they’ve come in on a high note and been laid low. Maybe it’s time for that to change. This loss (and this series) wasn’t exactly a high note, all in all.

  42. Just saw the box and it looks like more of the same from Rogers. The question I have is:
    Is there any reason to let him pitch other than him getting to those milestones where the bonuses kick in? In his last 8 starts: 42IP 60H 40R 21BB – almost a run per inning and a WHIP of close to 2. Robertson’s worse (!), so they can’t go back to him. Is it possible they really don’t have anybody else to put out there every 5th start – Oh wait, now I remember: Bonine is injured – never mind.

    My second critical question of the day:
    Does Inge need a new catcher’ s mitt or is he just mixing up his equipment again – you know, the glove for the other “thing”?

  43. “I felt bad for you when I saw Rayburn wasn’t in the line-up.”

    So you had to bring that up again, eh, Dre? Well, I know what Ryan is going though. The unwanted attention, the constant self-consciousness, the difficulty of finding pants that fit comfortably. Sometimes you wish they’d look you in the eyes once in a while, but as soon as you look away, where have their eyes wandered? It’s h… very difficult.

    ha ha ha

  44. “Bonine is injured – never mind.”

    Well, what’s the harm in giving Willis and Garcia some starts?

  45. haha Dre — again with the Raburn. Where has he been? Maybe he was just extra happy that day. Now too embarrassed , for fear of showing off his “protective gear” again.

  46. Andre: My girlfriend is still in the process of educating me about wines. To me, they all sort of taste like… wine. I can tell the difference between white and red if I’m allowed to peek.

  47. Loon,
    I think Garcia and Willis are both on limited pitch counts, but there is no reason that you couldn’t plan to have them both pitch 2-3 innings in the same game (or 4 walks in Willis’ case, whichever comes first). On the other hand, if they are both performing so well pitching in simulated games, why would you want to ruin it.

  48. “Does Inge need a new catcher’ s mitt”

    All those passed balls have to be a concern, but otherwise, he seems OK defensively. What say you people who watch the games?

    Has Inge’s trade value increased this season? Call me crazy, but I think it has. I’m not sure if they can or should trade him. Just sayin’.

  49. Vince in Min: “Just saw the box and it looks like more of the same from Rogers.”

    I’m glad you posted that, since I looked through the box scores, and did a little research (just the looking up kind, not the beer-related type), and there may actually be something significant that happened today.

  50. I guess it would have to be somebody on the 40-man roster. I am not sure the Tigers have any starting pitchers on the 40-man roster (other than the current 5) that are not injured or have ERAs under 6.00.

  51. Yep, it seems to check out…

    With the DP in the first inning (line-drive, got runner on 3rd), Kenny Rogers now has 11 this season–which gives him the **ALL-TIME TIGERS SINGLE SEASON RECORD** for double-plays by a pitcher, which Dan Petry has held since he got 10 in 1983. (Dizzy Trout had held the record since 1945 with 9).

    Rogers also holds the Rangers single-season record with 7 in 2005.

    I wonder if Kenny even knows??

  52. Good ole Kenny. At least he can still field his position, in which case he deserves to go out there every 5th start and “take one for the team.”

  53. I would merely point out that in order to have 11 DPs turned on your behalf, you first must allow a LOT of baserunners.

    That is all.

  54. Most double-plays by pitchers, single season, all-time, major league:

    15 1953 Bob Lemon (CLE)

    12 1976 Randy Jones (SDN)
    12 1934 Curt Davis (PHI)
    12 1924 Eddie Rommel (PHA)

    11* 2008 Kenny Rogers (DET)
    11 2001 Kirk Reuter (SFN)
    11 1948 Gene Bearden (CLE)
    11 1925 Burleigh Grimes (BRO)
    11 1920 Art Nehf (NY)
    11 1919 Tom Rogers (PHA)
    11 1919 Scott Perry (PHA)

    Speaking of a lot of baserunners, I notice two of the other guys who got 11 were from the Philadelphia Athletics. The same season.

    Also, you can’t beat being on a list with a guy named Burleigh Grimes.

  55. Burleigh Arland Grimes to be exact. One of the last legal spitballers if memory serves. His first name was pronounced “Boily”, being that he for many years pitched for Brooklyn.

  56. Burleigh sounds like a riot. lists him as “Burleigh Arland Grimes (Ol’ Stubblebeard)”…I guess maybe he scuffed the ball on his chin in addition to the spitball…

  57. re: Has Inge’s trade value increased this season? Call me crazy, but I think it has.

    Ok, I call you crazy. A guy with Sal Fasano career numbers, hitting .218, crummy defensive catcher, and owed 12-13 m does not equal trade value increase.

    Then again, Loon if you were joking that was really funny.

  58. Inge’s trade value has increased if you consider he was owed something like $18 million at the beginning of the season. So there’s less of that God-awful contract left to cover. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

  59. Absolutely! Now if the Tigers chose to eat 12 of the 13m, he’d be imminently tradeable. If Inge was a team’s jack of all trades and got 180 ab’s and he made 600 grand he’d be a bargain.

  60. It sure does Kathy. I would be happy with a series sweep..pfft a series win at this point. Esp against the Twins.. which the Smoking Loon thankfully set me straight -starts tomorrow at 8:10.

  61. Coleman, back in Ol Stubblebeard’s day the ball or balls (yes, both of them!) were probably pretty well scuffed up by the first pitch. Well, maybe I am going back a bit too far there. I wonder when the practice of having an unlimited number of balls for a game came into being.

  62. These guys are disgraceful. Can one of them throw the ball 200 feet on the fly without bouncing it like a girl. Half the balls they swing at, it seems like they have a patch over one eye. There is probably eight of them that could play in any era. The rest of them should be selling shoes at Penneys. This isn’t baseball, it’s s— ball. And it was actually 10 miles in 11 feet of snow. And that squirrel is the same one that showed up at Yankee Stadium earlier in the year. He heard that there were a bunch of nuts paying good money to see this crap.

  63. Back in the old days they used one ball. People were nice and threw the ball back on the field. They weren’t like people today who karate chop some old lady in the stands to get to a ball. But I do understand that most modern day fans have never held a baseball in their hands and it’s a real novelty for them to bring one home and brag to everyone how they made a terrific catch to snag it.

  64. Well, I’m waiting. Oh, is it past your beddy bye time? That’s what’s nice about being a stubblebeard. You can’t beat a baloney sandwich and a good infomercial at 3 A.M. in the morning. That’s a real turn on for the over 60 crowd.

  65. My baloney has a first name–it’s H-A-M.
    My baloney has a second name–it’s S-A-N-D-W-I-C-H.
    My baloney has a twin named B-O-L-O-G-N-A

  66. You can’t beat a baloney sandwich and a good infomercial at 3 A.M. in the morning.

    As opposed to 3 AM in the afternoon. 😉

  67. Holy mackerel.

    Anyway, no, I’m sorry to say I wasn’t joking about Inge’s trade value increasing.

    a) His value to the Tigers went up in 2008, against all odds.
    b) His contribution to the team went up in 2008. Help me out here, Coleman.
    c) He’s overpaid, yes, but not Sheffield-overpaid. He can actually play in the field – all over the place.
    d) Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Pudge for Farnsworth – made possible by Inge – paid Brandon’s salary this year.

    It wouldn’t kill the Tigers to pick up 2-3 million of Inge’s contract to move him. If they’re not going to get real and put an actual third basement they already have at 3B, then I think they ought to. And then go out and get a great defensive catcher and an all-around solid 3B like Beltre.

    If Inge is overpaid as a third basement, how much more so as a catcher?

  68. Now, now, Chris. Don’t mock the hexagenarians. Punching out Vin Scully left me crippled with guilt, and I don’t want to see you end up as I have.

  69. stephen,

    you’re only allowed 3 more Sal Fasano references. if i may offer some advice, save them for mustache comments. starting immediately after this post, i will impose a similar Rayburn restriction on myself. lord knows what i’ll save mine for.

  70. Speaking of Raburn, the guy can hit once in a while, but is there any position he can play well? LF, maybe? Unless he has more potential than Joyce or Thomas there… well, Santiago is at least as good as and in my opinion better than Raburn as a utility infielder. So is Raburn even around in 2009, and if so, why?

    Yeah, OK, it’s jealousy and resentment.

  71. Can anyone comment on Inge’s catching prior to this year? I’ve heard comments alluding to him actually having been a stellar defensive catcher when he fist came up. Is there a good chance that these lapses / passed balls will decrease as he re-acclimates?

  72. Word.
    I’d go to Gregg Zaun references, but Zaun is infinitely a better catcher, a slightly better hitting, and significantly more affordable.

    You know when you don’t match up well with Zaun, the ship be sinking.

  73. The defensive aspect of catching is kinda hard to quantify I suppose. On the plus side, he’s not made any errors and he’s throwing out a passable % of potential base stealers (27.3). Not superb, but not horsebleep either. The passed balls are a bit worrisome. What’s really interesting is that Inge hasn’t made an error at any position in the field on the season in 94 games played. Not that errors are the be-all and end-all of fielding statistics or anything, but that’s still pretty neat.

  74. I’m going to start making Brad Ausmus references now. Did you know that he actually hit a HR this season for Houston? As if that weren’t rare enough, he hit it in the same inning as Darin Erstad. And let me tell you, those were two of the scrappiest, gamiest HR or all time. If only Eckstein could’ve somehow gotten in on the action, the universe may have imploded upon itself into a black hole of grit.

  75. Chris in Dallas: “Man. Aquilino Lopez is awesome. He struck out a guy on a 4-2 pitch yesterday. Sweet.”

    They say that catching is a complicated position and that there are many things that go into being a catcher that the fan just doesn’t see. These seems to be an example of one of them…

    Umpire: oh @!!**….um, what was the count again catcher?
    Inge: um..1-2, yeah, that’s it, 1-2 (heh heh)

  76. Carlos Quentin may be done for the year with a broken wrist.

    The baseball gods are smiling on me today…

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