Game 86: Tigers at Mariners

PREGAME: Happy 4th of July everyone. I’m going to unplug for a day or. It’s been about a year and a half since I went a day without checking email and working on the blog. With traffic usually quiet around here on holidays I thought that this would be a nice time.

As for today’s game it will be Kenny Rogers and Erik Bedard. It was just a matter of time until the Tigers got Bedard. He’s been good this year, but not like in he has been in the past. He’s only striking out 7.8/9 innings which is a far cry from the 221 K’s in 182 innings he posted last year. But he’s only allowed 4 runs over his last 4 starts and only 1 homer in his last 7.

Rogers hasn’t fared well against the Mariners. He’s faced them once a year while with Detroit and he’s allowed 14 runs in his 17.1 innings with 8 walks, 3 homers, and 3 K’s.

DET @ SEA, Friday, July 4, 2008 Game Preview –

Game Time 4:10

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  1. Happy 4th everyone!

    Kenny looks good early, hopefully we can plate a few more runs to support him today.

  2. I wonder if Rayburn wonders why he is hitting .220…..swings at a pitch at 2-1 that almost hits him when the pitcher has already walked the bases loaded….. then strikes out on a 88 mph almost exactly in the middle of the plate..

  3. I know this will sound like hind sight, but I said after the Granderson 2B, Polanco should have bunted him to third.

    He might not have scored, but in a game where runs seem hard to come by you need to manufacture them.

    Edgar not rising to the 3 spot.

  4. I hate Renteria so much. Crappy shortstop, lousy hitter, old with zero upside. When Santiago gets healthy, I would really like to see Leyland give him more playing time and bench this pile of nothing.

  5. one of those games we saw so many of in April and May…just wasted at bats …no situational hitting..swing just to swing ..and you are right chris a shame to waste another great Kenny outing

  6. So now Renteria is the subject of the two-minute hate. I didn’t like the trade either, but anyone who thinks the Tigers’ struggles this year are the fault of one or two or even three players really needs to get a grip.

    It’s like “frustrating loss, who’s the scapegoat now, and how many days in a row can I get away with making him my biggest enemy?” Last time I checked, it was a team game, and it takes more than a couple guys failing to lead to an outing like today’s.

  7. No, the Tiger’s struggles are not limited to one or three players but that does not take away from the fact that Renteria is flat useless.

  8. It also doesn’t take away from the fact that Renteria’s been playing with a strained pectoral that I’m fairly certain isn’t healed since he plays most days. He is what he is defensive and offensively he’s been a disappointment but you try swinging with a bad pectoral muscle. Probably not something that either feels good or is easy to do.

  9. Ron,

    Renteria hasn’t been even close to the Tigers’ biggest problem this year. But that doesn’t change that he sucks. He is awful. He has had two extra base hits since late May. His defense isn’t good enough to make up for it, either. He just isn’t very good this year, and hasn’t been all year long. This loss isn’t on him any more than anyone else, but he has been a huge disappointment, especially lately. This isn’t two-minute hate, but a building feeling based on his performance not just today but over the course of the season.


  10. Well I dont want to blame anyone but Renteria is not playing as well as I thought he would. Cabrera as well isnt hitting anywhere near he did last year. No Maggs is also hurting us. Sheff being up and down this year is also hurting us badly. This team I think will make up for it in ’09 but this year we are just too hurt to really compete. 2nd or more likely 3rd place finish with a 2 games under .500 for the season for us.

  11. after that disaster at the start of the season my prediction was 81-81 and I think I am still right on target with it…..

  12. From July 4, 2006 to July 4, 2008 we are 170 wins and 157 losses. With a huge payroll, something ain’t right in Tigertown; unless you are satisfied with playing .520 ball over an extended period of time.

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