Leyland and stomach have conversation

Jim Leyland’s gut is telling him that a trade for bullpen help is on the horizon.

“I think there is a strong possibility that something could happen in the next few days,” Leyland said. “I think that’s a strong possibility. I don’t know if anything will happen. It’s kind of my gut telling me it’s going to happen, somehow, some way.”

It is that time of the year when teams try to get something for the out-of-option players who aren’t likely to make the club. Teams also have a good idea at this point of who will and won’t be ready for opening day.

That trade may or may not be for one Michael Wuertz.

The Freep and Sun Times can’t agree on the degree to which the Cubs might be interested in Inge and/or Thames.

As for Wuertz, he’s certainly an attractive idea with that coveted strikeout per inning ability. Of course he also walks a batter every other inning – but as I look at the arms being talked about for the Tigers that seems to be a common trend.

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  1. I have a hard time seeing the Cubs trading Wuertz with the health of Kerry Wood in doubt again. But he’ be a welcome addition.

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