Tigers expand the roster some more

Clay Rapada, the lefty reliever that the Tigers acquired in the Craig Monroe deal was called up, now that Toledo’s season has ended. Dane Sardinha will join the team as well, although he won’t be activated. To do so would require clearing a spot on the 40 man roster which the Tigers could still do if he was needed in an emergency situation.

Two notable names that weren’t added were Macay McBride, who would serve the same role as Rapada. And of course, Chris Shelton didn’t get a sniff. Not that he’d have a signifcant role to play on the team, but it’s pretty clear his Tigers days are done. He’s out of options now, meaning that the Tigers either have to keep him on the big league roster next year, or pass him through waivers.

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3 thoughts on “Tigers expand the roster some more”

  1. August was a Tough Month for our Tigers. 11-18, by my count.

    But ya know what: I think our Tigers are tougher for having gone through that. And I think it’s a Good Thing.

    Particularly in the area of pitching. Some of our middle guys — Durbin, Miner, Grilli, Seay — these guys have got a whole lot tougher

    I’d sooner seen Seay take the mound to finish the Mariners last night than Rodney. Zoom got the job done but it wasn’t pretty. Actually it was the Tiger fieldiers that got the job done.

    We may see a few different faces around regular, finishig up here in Sept. and likley next season

    and some of this is going to be related to the enthusiasm and dedication that the individual players have. the energy level brought to the game by the players does make a difference. ya can’t measure enthusiasm by numbers and stats but guess what: the fans sense it, and so does our trusty manager, Mr Leyland

    Go Tigers!

  2. I have mixed feelings about so many callups. By using them instead of the “regular” players, the regulars will get rusty. Maybe if someone needs a couple days off to recouperate, but that’s about it.

  3. Not even a callup for Shelton. They just might keep him in AAA for emergency use or like mentioned above, place him on waivers. I guess what bugs me is all the talk about him still being the Tigers future 1st baseman. Well, that was a bunch of BS.

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