Kenny Rogers to start Wednesday

Well it looks like the Tigers have filled one hole in their rotation, for now until someone else gets hurt. Kenny Rogers is back and will start against the White Sox on Wednesday. Chad Durbin will be Thursday’s starter, and with a pen full of reinforcements from Toledo his role as reliever shouldn’t be missed.

Justin Verlander gets and extra day off and it will be Verlander/Robertson/Bonderman against Seattle this weekend.

Leyland sets rotation: Rogers to start Wednesday, Durbin Thursday – Detroit Tigers

One thought on “Kenny Rogers to start Wednesday”

  1. OK I’m gonna get myself down t my favorite tavern, get me a cold one, and watch this with the greatest interest

    pitching is my favorite subject in baseball and I think it is the key to the game

    we need to be realistic though and I still like the idea of Kenny for Pitching Coach

    Army leadership taught us that “an effective commander uses his men and his equipment in accordance with their capabilities” and I have always thought this was a most excellent note

    and it certainly applies to pitchers

    if all the guy has is a fast ball he’s gonna have to throw fastballs

    and that leads to development

    MLB pitcher shold have both a rising and a tailing fastball and back that up with a good change-up. although generally pitchers are taught the curve as their 2d pitch

    Zoom did real good with his curve against the As

    Zoom throwing a curve ball?


    Team and Player development

    Every game is an opportunity

    these are the keys to improvement and improvement is the key to the World Series

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