Bonderman to start Tuesday

Well, the good news is that Jeremy Bonderman’s elbow is feeling fine again and he’ll be able to pitch on Tuesday. I guess I’d prefer he just shut it down for the year, but maybe there is something to going out on a high note, I don’t really know. And that presumes he goes out on a high note.

What’s especially frustrating though is that if 2 weeks of rest is enough to clear up the problem, just think if the he had admitted to the pain in early August instead of struggling to pitch through it.
Beck’s Blog: Bonderman for Tuesday

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  1. I went to the front row behind the bullpen as soon as the gates opened and Bondo was there throwing with Chuck and Kevin Rand looking on. I’m guessing this was the session that decided it. It was fascinating to watch someone that up close.

    I would have guessed he wasnt going to pitch however. He didn’t seem happy with many of this throws heh. He swore audibly a couple times too.

  2. Wow, Jim, you really got a front row seat. In my book the Hot Stove season has officially started. Quite as kept, I wish they wouldn’t start Bondo. If he has a bad start, that will just about ruin any chances of trading him. It’s quite a risk and I don’t know if Bondo is up to it. Kenny sure started rough last night but thankfully found his groove. It was a terrible frustrating game for me to watch. Today I was thinking about how maybe many of us still have a hangover from last year. For a year and a half I have lived and breathed Tiger baseball…watching ascent to the playoffs and continute this spring without skipping a beat, until late summer. But even then I just knew they’d pull it off and go to the WS. Never, in a million years, did I think this year would end like this. Hey, glad you picked up a ball at the park, though. Nice souvenier to look at this winter.

  3. What a prime seat for you right behind the bullpen. Quite as kept, I wish they didn’t start Bondo. If he has a bad start, it will make it that much more difficult to trade him with that big salary.After thinking and breathing Tigers since the Spring of ’06, I’ve finally decided that I do indeed have a hangover from last year that just never went away. Watching them make the playoffs last year and becoming ALCS champions, the season just continued this spring with basically the same lineup and results until late summer and even then and today…in a million years I never thought the ride would end like this. Glad you were able to pick up a souvenir ball at the park. That’s a nice little perk.

  4. I really see no point in starting Bondo. Even if his elbow feels fine, what does that prove? (Other than – as Billfer said – he should’ve spoken up about his elbow pain weeks ago.)

  5. What the hell? This doesn’t make sense at all. Just shut him down for the year? What’s the point in him attempting to pitch again when we’re just playing out the season? What are the Tigers thinking with their personnel moves?

  6. Beck’s blog is no reporting that there will be no Bonderman on Tuesday.

    He was feeling some general soreness — not elbow soreness, but general soreness — after his bullpen session yesterday, so he won’t start. Yorman Bazardo will start Tuesday instead.


  7. I just don’t get it. There’s nothing to be gained in him coming back to pitch. He threw 230+ innings last year including the postseason which was a bunch of pressure packed stressful innings. Let him rest, shut him down completely.

    Maybe he could’ve come back and thrown 7 shutout innings, but it’s doubtful. I just don’t see the reasoning in risking a Francisco Liriano (hurt, went to DL. Came back and pitched through more pain. TJ Surgery) situation with the guy who has top-of-the-rotation potential and at the least should be a very good No.2 to Verlander.

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