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  1. Inge’s comment is one of those where I was glad I wasn’t drinking something when I read it because I probably would have done a spit take all over my monitor. It’s up there on the ludicrous scale with when Halter said he could win a gold glove if he played every day.

  2. I wonder if Leyland decided to bench “Babe” before or after his idiotic comment.

    I’d have no trouble seeing Rayburn as the regular 3rd-baseman for a while, at least until he shows he can’t handle it. Any drop-off in defense as Inge’s replacement (and I am not sure there would be that much) will certainly be more than compensated for by the increase in offensive production.

    I don’t think Inge understands that he has been underperforming for years, and my gut feeling is that he isn’t going to have any “great awakening” about this anytime soon. He’s played himself out of he regular lineup, much like Monroe did, and I for one, wouldn’t be to sorry to see him go the way of C-Mo as well.

  3. Sorry Brandon, that kind of talk is not going to find too many sympathetic ears around here. Your play yesterday was something of a standout performance in a season of underachievement.

    Let’s tally the damage: a clueless K in the 2nd with runners on 1/2. An absolute horrible K in the 4th with runners on 2/3 and one out. Just about any ball in play would have pushed across a run but you got yourself all Ruthed up, took the first 3 pitches, worked the count full and swung away at Ball 4.

    I suspect most casual fans forgive your lack of offensive punch for the occasional dazzling stop you can make from time to time. But to follow your 2K’s and 3 LISP with a crucial error on a DP ball in the 5th, well….it was almost as if you were single-handedly trying to lose the game.

    Man up and point that fickle finger of blame where it belongs, right back in the mirror.

  4. Yesterdays game was what we have seen for the past month from Brandon. Strikeout in key situations. I have seen them let Inge swing away in bunt opportunities. If he is going to strikeout, just put Santiago in and lay down a bunt. The Tigers have some money freed up with the departure of Monroe, Perez, Mesa, Jones, and Casey next year. I would like to see perhaps Guillen at 3rd, Thames at first and try to pickup a decent shortstop (not Wilson). A-Rod would be a dream. Overall this would make a much stronger lineup since you are getting a better batter than C-mo and Inge in Thames (or least an equivalent). All you would have to replace is Casey’s average bat with a shortstop. We would have at least $ 9 million freed up with Monroe and Casey gone. That is also not assuming that you have a closer in Rodney or Zumaya already. This leaves Rogers alone. I am not sure what kind of player he will be until he comes back from the DL.

    From what I could see on Saturday and Sunday, the Tigers blew huge opportunities to take control of the game and give their starting pitchers some run support. If we get 1 or 2 runs an inning we seem to give it back and eventually lose. Some of these innings would have had at least 1 or 2 more runs had some of our hitters done something beside strikeout with the big C-Mo wave swing.

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