Zach Miner is back

Zach Miner has rejoined the team for the DL. To make room the Tigers have put Tim Byrdak on the DL with tendonitis. And the revolvling door continues in the bullpen.

Byrdak has really struggled in his last 4 outings with batters posting a 409/435/909 line against him including 7 extra base hits. Whether it was hitters figuring him out or due to the arm pain, he just hasn’t been the same pitcher he was in his first 13 outings when opponents managed only a .567 OPS.

Zach Miner rejoins Tigers, Brydak to the DL – Detroit Tigers Insider –

2 thoughts on “Zach Miner is back”

  1. His stuff just wasn’t as nasty as before. Let’s hope he bounces back, ’cause when he’s on, he’s very effective on both side of the plate.

    Good to have Miner back too, though.

  2. It’s awfully convenient that our guys are getting injured just as we need to make room on the roster. Ya have to wonder if our boys are gaming the system a bit. 🙂

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