Tigers Minor League Wrap – 4/8/07

Toledo 3 Louisville 13
There was only one Tiger affiliate playing today, and it didn’t go well. Yorman Bazardo started and got shelled leaving in the 3rd inning He walked 4 and combined with 6 hits gave up 7 runs. Cory Hamman came on in relief and didn’t walk anyone in 3 innings work, but surrendered 6 runs on 3 homers.

The offense was mostly Ryan Raburn who had 2 hits and a walk. Timo Perez homered. Chris Shelton walked twice. Brent Clevlen was 1 for 3, but added 2 strikeouts.

3 thoughts on “Tigers Minor League Wrap – 4/8/07”

  1. Louisville had the Reds top prospect Homer Bailey pitching. Homer was thought by some to make the team to start off this year but he had a less than dominating spring.

    Good to see some Shelton continued success.

  2. Only three games, but Shelton is hitting .417 with a 1.250 OPS for Toledo…so it’s nice to see he’s still pushing after hitting nearly .400 in the spring and not making the big club.
    His catching days are past, but it’s too bad he’s not better defensively behind the dish – we may have a spot there if the Tigers decide Rabelo isn’t a suitable “long term” backup.
    I hope we see him back in Detroit soon.

  3. I don’t think Rabelo plays into this at all as the Tigers hands are tied. They have to have a catching backup to Ivan.

    It looks like this hopefully won’t be a decision to be made though as Wilson will recover and return to the lineup.

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