Kenny Rogers to DL

Danny Knobler reports that Kenny Rogers is headed to the disabled list. No other word is available on the injury.

The corresponding moves are that Chad Durbin joins the rotation and Bobby Seay has been recalled. There will need to be another 40 man roster move, but that hasn’t been announced yet. (EDIT: the 40 man move will probably be Edward Campusano going to the 60 day DL)

I’d guess that the rotation would be shuffled to something along the lines of Bonderman-Robertson-Verlander-Maroth-Durbin.

14 thoughts on “Kenny Rogers to DL”

  1. This sounds kind of unusual, can anyone remember this happening to a pitcher before the start of the season? I need some perspective

  2. This really doesn’t sound good at all. Guys throw alot during the spring, but not much more than they will during the season. You think at his age, he would know what he’d need to do to avoid that. But hopefully it’s just what they said and he’ll just miss one start. But not a good sign.

  3. From what I have read, it sounds as if Kenny is just getting over the flu. This could cause him to feel excessively sore. Hopefully this is just precautionary. As far as the rotation goes, I say leave Durbin in Kenny’s spot and pitch 3 right handers against Toronto. If Rogers is only going to miss one start, we will not have to pitch 3 righties in a row against another team where such a matchup would be unfavorable.


  4. Not great, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Like I’ve said before if Kenny was to never pitch again, we still would have gotten more than our money’s worth.

    Only 1 start, but if you check out Durbin’s career stats (most of which are pretty ugly) his line against Toronto is phenomenal and his best by far – 3GS, 2-0, 20.33 IP, 14 hits, 4runs, 2hrs, 7BB, 15Ks, 1.77 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, .192BAA.

    He will probably be shifted to the 5th slot b/c you don’t want RRRLL. Then again Toronto’s starters are as follows

    1) Reed Johnson – bats right
    2) Vernon Wells – bats right
    3) Alexis Rios – bats right
    4) Troy Glaus – bats right
    5) Royce Clayton – bats right
    6) Aaron Hill – bats right
    7) Frank Thomas – bats right
    8) Greg Zaun – bats switch
    9) Lyle Overbay – bats left

    That’s very right-handed heavy, maybe Durbin should take Kenny’s spot also considering that Robertson and Maroth have struggled against Toronto in the past…

  5. Durbin has a habit of having good springs followed by lousy regular seasons at the ML level. Hopefully he is mature enough now, that this will not be the case.


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