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I’m really enjoying Curtis Granderson’s new blog.

I particularly enjoyed yesterday’s post where after talking about his NCAA bracket, he wrote about the refinements to his swing:

Even with all the March Madness going on with college hoops we are still working very hard on the field, and I’m still trying to iron out my new swing and approach this spring training. Basically what I’m trying to do is make my swing as simple as possible and eliminate as much wasted movement as possible. Since college I’ve always been different than most hitters in terms of my stance, but it worked for me. Over time I started running into problems when timing issues and consistency from day to day. So working with Lloyd McClendon (new hitting coach), we’ve tried to simplify my swing and make it as normal to a major league swing as possible. The idea behind it is that on good or bad days, if I can keep it simple, it’s easier to correct mistakes. It will hopefully also help my approach with two strikes and hopefully make it easier to not only put the ball in play, but hit the ball hard with two strikes.

And really, it’s worth clicking through to the post to see the picture alone.

I didn’t know at first if he was the one actually updating it (not that he isn’t capabable, just that it takes time doing this blogging thing), but after the last few posts it definitely seems to be his voice. With a little more downtime this spring, he’s been updating every few days with rather lengthy posts. The fact that the updates coincide with days he doesn’t travel to away games lends even more credence to the fact that it is his voice.

Other Stuff

  • If you haven’t seen it mentioned on the other Tigers blogs, Ian of Sweaty Men Endeavors, is the new chief blogger at the Tigers SB Nation site Bless You Boys. Ian is awesomely funny and writes the best news aggregation posts in the business. Stop by and say hi at his new gig.
  • Good luck if you entered into the drawing for Opening Day tickets. You’re one of 158,000 who will be hoping to snag one of the thousand or so tickets (including SRO) being made available. The Tigers season ticket sales are up to 18,300 full season equivalents – from 9500 last year – and they’ve sold out of the 27 game packages. You’ll hear by Friday if you won. Tickets are still available for the second game of the year on April 4th when the ring ceremony will take place. That might not be a bad consolation prize. But if you really want to get to Opening Day, tickets are up to $157.50 on StubHub.