This isn’t the first time

I’m still miffed about the scheduling of tomorrow’s game. Since I’ll be in Ann Arbor, I wanted to make sure that I’d have access to updates. I contacted Bruce Madej from the Michigan Athletic Department to find out if updates would be provided. He assured me that they would be and shared an interesting anectdote.

On October 13th Michigan was hosting Northwestern while the Tigers were facing the Padres in the World Series. Apparently so many in attendance were tuned into the Tiger game, that when Alan Trammell his a home run (1 of 2 on the day) there was such a loud cheer that Northwestern jumped offsides.

6 thoughts on “This isn’t the first time”

  1. Frank Beckman was a few rows in front of me at the game tonight. I told him on his way out that he should blow off the U of M game tommorrow to go see the Tigers. It got a smile.


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